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  1. Yeah, I experience this too - weird sentence / line breaks. The real culprit is the non-breaking space that Evernote is inserting rather than space. Its like the space bar has been assigned non-breaking space. However, sometimes a regular space is inserted. Don't know why. If you are using Pages, Word, or other text editor - look for the invisible character called a non-breaking space - replace this with a space. My life has improved with Evernote since figuring this out. I have thousands of notes and don't want to ditch this tool as it is sooo useful.
  2. I am having a similar problem (that hadn't been there in previous versions this Spring). I type a note in Evernote. Then copy and paste the note contents into Word. There is an invisible character that is copied over - it is a non-breaking space! This causes the right margin to look weird because Word sees a whole phrase as a single 'word'. Oddly, there are also normal spaces intermixed, I don't know why. As a work around, in Word, do an advanced find and replace then under Special, choose nonbreaking space (in Find What, put: ^s), for Replace type a space. Then replace all (or one at a time until you feel confident.) I am using Evernote 6.0.16 Mac OS: Yosemite version 10.10.5
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