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  1. Hi, I've used Evernote to draft lessons for many years. When the lesson is ready, I have always copied and pasted the lesson from Evernote into whatever learning management system that I was using at the time. Yesterday I tried to do that in Moodle. After pasting the content into Moodle, I was not able to format headers, paragraphs, etc. I'd change the formatting and save, then it would revert to a different style. I asked the help desk about this and was told that I shouldn't copy and paste from Word (duh). because there was a ton of junk code. I've never had this problem before. Could Evernote be the culprit here?
  2. I am thrilled that my problem with note links appears to be fixed with this release. Thanks!
  3. I'm seeing the same problem. I can copy and paste a note link into a new note, but am not able to copy and paste the note link into an existing note. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote, which has not fixed the problem. I did submit this to Evernote's help folks to see if they have a solution.
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