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  1. The error is actually not just the widget. Search does not work at all not finding notes that are there. Sharing a note gives the same stupid error. Note not found. I am a premium account user. There is a total lack of quality control from Evernote side. I am going to complain to Google to remove this version from the store and flag as inappropriate due to the missing basic advertised functionality. Good Samsung started sending notes via their services. Evernote simply does not cut it anymore due to the displayed lack of reliability to the critical level.
  2. hello. There is a bug with the widget 4 x 2 If I click on note preview it does not open note but gives an error. Fixed by installing standalone widget. Also when a note uploaded and I click evernote notification - it gives an error again. Samsung galaxy s3 premium account. Offline notebooks and offline search enabled. Worked fine before upgrade. Tried deleting and installing the app with cleaning data via app manager. Still the error persists.
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