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  1. Is there a fix or a beta we can try? It's been like this for months.
  2. Are there any plans to be able to put reminders on specific lines within a note? In order to really replace to-do apps like THINGS or WUNDERLIST we need that capability and i'd love to move more into evernote.
  3. Same thing here. The editor is horribly incompatible with most anything.
  4. 2 factor auth problem. With the GM seed it bounces you right back to the login screen. Been like this since DP1.
  5. Skitch (installed from MAS or from web) doesn't work on the latest DP of Mavericks. I have issues logging in (it sends the code to my phone, i enter it and then it just sits there) and if I can log in, I can't get the crosshairs to come up and actually take a screen shot. Is this a known issue? Any workarounds?
  6. Definitely an option. Thanks for replying. Other ideas from the group?
  7. Hi folks, I'm taking on a new role inside my company and it's a good time to re-organize my tags, notebooks, etc. I have things as follows Notebook stacks for old job, new job, home notebooks for specific areas tags for more specifics A lot of my tags are relevant in my new job but I don't want to mix notes from my old job with notes in my new role. I sort of want things separated. I thought about updating every tag with some sort of "marker" so signify "old" but that could take a while. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks!
  8. That's a shame because as it is now the scenario is broken. I can't encrypt a note itself but for some reason text. Seems random.
  9. I hope they bring this feature into the service.
  10. Can you encrypt a photo in a note? If so, how?
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