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  1. Hi Michael, I'm not familiar with EN + LinkedIn contacts, however, the way you normally share your notebook, is: (This is Mac Evernote (Client), but Win (Client) should be similar, I just don't remember exactly :-) This is example/using one of my shared notebooks: In Notebooks (view), Mouse-over the notebook you want to share. You'll see a box w/arrow graphic. Click on that little box --> You'll see the following: Military Health Matters, LLC. Notebook (Notebook Name) Public link URL: https://www.evernote.com/pub/militaryhealth/militaryhealthmattersllc.-publicnotebook Share Notebook Give others access to view or edit this notebook. Share With Individuals If you click on "Share w/Individuals", you'll see the following: Collaborate with colleagues, friends and family by allowing them to modify notes in your shared notebook. Share with individuals Import Contacts Allow others to view or edit this notebook. Individuals who join can: View notes Individuals can only view notes. Allow notebook preview without requiring login Add a message: (optional) --> Share via email will only permit people whom you've sent/shared the url with - access to the notebook. If you want to share with 'everybody/public' e.g your social media network, etc. you just send out or Post the Public URL. At any time you can revoke 'sharing' (making the notebook private again.) Hope this helped! Karen
  2. FYI, the new clipper (for FF 8.0) works perfect, awesome! (Thank you EN!)
  3. This was posted in another part of the forum, the webclipper for FF 8.0 (Mac OSX): https://www.evernote.com/shard/s13/sh/6a9f24ff-6a6e-4bf8-ae66-acc22cd147f5/5add4fb81cbe3065f0802bb7f9e6c26a (haven't used it yet, but I'm sure it will be fine).
  4. The "Evernote Web Clipper" is "incompatible" with Firefox 8.0 (Mac OSX)* and 'disabled'. (Clipper version: You can set the EN "Add-on" to 'automatically update' when there is a compatible version (which is probably right around the corner :-) Guess I'm going to have to set up the bookmarklet too, although I agree its not as good as the add-on. (*8.0 is a beta version....)...//sorry I couldn't provide a solution.
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