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  1. I found a way to print from the mac direct to evernote as a sequence of images. This means the file will be searchable - which is great for PDFs with handwriting. see hot to here: http://angusbradley.com/post/111569047864/handwriting-search-in-pdfs-for-evernote
  2. It may come as a bit of a shock that evernote doesn't support searching of handwritten notes in PDF files. (or it didnt when I last looked). Evernote only does it’s handwriting search magic on image files like JPEGs. However, If you use a mac, you can use Automator to turn any PDF into a collection of images, then just drag those into an evernote. In case anyone would find it useful, the automator instructions are on my blog: http://angusbradley....the-handwriting Or is there a better way?
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