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  1. Bushwhacker, How are you doing local OCR, Software? Which One?
  2. GrumpyMonkey FYI: Web Clipper for Mac & Safari I use it and works pretty good for the most part.
  3. I did a search and one time it came up finding it inside a PDF. I tried the same search and now it won't find it in the same pdf. This happen on my mac and on my iPhone.
  4. You can also Check this to. Right click on the icon on the Dock, then Options, if a check mark is on the OPEN AT LOGIN, click on it to uncheck it. FYI, This is for the program it self, not the RV Helper. If it's that read what Browncoat wrote to fix that.
  5. I have noticed all of my PDF'S files says " ((PDF Count) # PDF files have not been indexed " and my uploaded PDFs fit the EN criteria.
  6. I am using a Epson Artisan 810 to scan my files and I get the same issue. Some of the search just shows the highlighted box as it found a word I was searching for but theres no text under it, just the white box. Also, In the note info most of my pdf's will show " PDF HAS NOT BEEN INDEXED " Even know they have been synced. Any thoughts on whats going on? Thanks
  7. I just updated to the Beta 2 version. When I goto: Evernote: About: it shows this: " Version 3.0.7 Beta 1 (224219)" Should it be listed as Beta 2? Also, you stated " you need to login to launch Evernote." I didn't have to login, Am I missing something ?
  8. I uninstalled the ver. from the app. and installed Version 3.0.7 Beta 1 (224219). So far no problems. Thanks again for everyones help. Gary
  9. LOL, Thanks for the help. Here's a screenshot of mine. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3081669/EN%20Preference%20Window.jpg Now if you see it, well, I will just go check myself in tomorrow., LOL Agains, thanks
  10. Hi, I don't see an options under preferences. I have 4 tabs, General, Sync, Clippings, Shortcuts. and under each one of them, no where is a preferences > software update > (tick) update to beta versions when available .... Thanks so much for your help Gary
  11. HI I have Version 3.0.6 (221382), downloaded from the mac app store. When I go to "Help" to Check for Updates the options is not there. How do you op in for Betas? Also if I download 3.0.7 beta 1, and after I install it do I just delete 3.0.6 before or after I open 3.0.7? I hope I made since, Thanks for any help. Gary
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