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  1. I tried the new beta, but I still have the same problem with missing images in snippet view. This is crucial for me, so I stick to the full release. Is it only me having this issue with the latest beta version? /Jeanette
  2. Hi! Thanks for your hard work! Unfortunately I have some issues with the new beta: - No thumbnails in snippet view, both Evernote desktop and web version. Occurs on all pages I have tried. - No option to turn off related notes. - Does not use last used notebook or smart tags, even though the settings is correct. - Not compatible with my Firefox extension "Classic theme restorer", I have to inactivate it to see the Evernote elephant icon. Here is an example page: http://www.archanaskitchen.com/recipes/indian/main-course-vegetable-gravy-recipes/1195-vegetable-kofta-curry I have FF 33.0.2
  3. I am using alpha 21.1 but there seems to be an issue with thumbnail pictures not showing up in snippet view, both in desktop and web. Firefox version is 32.0.3. I have tried different sites. No issue with full release clipper for Firefox or when clipping in Chrome. Is this a known problem or is there some way I can fix it myself?
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