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  1. Hello Western - 1. You can find deleted notes in the Trash. This is available on both mobile and desktop, although it may depend where you deleted it. 2. Are you looking to highlight text here? For instance, keep the text black but add yellow around it? 3. Do you want photos to use "Wrap Text" like in Microsoft Word?
  2. I recommend having an "Archive" notebook and associate the appropriate tags with each note. You can then create saved searches as necessary. It takes some up-front work, but it's well worth it. For instance, you could have some tags like: classroom-management child-psych project-ideas phys-101 phys-102 This article really helped me simplify my notebook scheme and helps outline a realistic tagging system. http://www.jamierubin.net/2014/07/15/going-paperless-how-i-simplified-my-notebook-organization-in-evernote-part-1/ In short: keep it in Evernote but keep it in an "Archive" notebook.
  3. You could certainly use Evernote to manage your job search. It won't submit applications for you, but it can organize your search and resume versions. https://www.uiaa.org/careers/blog/index.asp?id=683 http://www.mondayisgood.com/how-to-organize-your-job-search/
  4. I also agree with GroupMonkey. 1. Select all notes from your Waterloo Physics 101 class (or whichever class). This will let you automatically tag all notes with tags of your choice. I agree waterloo_physics_101 makes sense. Then, move all notes to your "Waterloo" notebook (or a general Archive notebook). 2. Rinse and repeat for all other classes. 3. Create saved searches as necessary. I found this article to be incredibly helpful when developing a system for notebooks/tags. http://www.jamierubin.net/2014/07/15/going-paperless-how-i-simplified-my-notebook-organization-in-evernote-part-1/
  5. Hi all - I love the calendar integration for Evernote on iOS. However, throughout the day I am on my laptop more than my phone - perhaps calendar integration can expand to the Mac? If anyone has any temporary fixes or ideas, please let me know. Thanks!
  6. Excellent points, JMichael. I don't intend to use Evernote as my main Contacts manager...just the ones that are in that "inactive" list as you describe. Not using Outlook...I am using the contacts app on Mac (or, more often, my iPhone). That's an interesting point about the integration of iOS contacts with the rest of the system. True I would lose access to that, but honestly for at least half of my contacts, I just don't use that info enough to care. That being said, I do like the idea of smart groups. That being said, it's unclear if those filters transfer well to iOS from Mac. There are a lot of discussions of difficulty there, although not recently (perhaps iOS 7 fixed it?).
  7. Hi all - As my contact list grows, it's beginning to get overwhelming. 500+ contacts in my iCloud list just isn't necessary, considering I don't contact most of them (rarely if ever). Therefore, I want to import some (not all) of my contacts into an Evernote notebook. That way they don't clutter my contact list, but are still accessible should I need them. I have a few questions to go along with this: 1. Is this a good idea? Do you see any problems arising in the future? 2. What tool can I use to accomplish this? Ideally I'd like each contact in it's own note (so they are easily searchable) with standardized formatting to allow for easy export / transfer in the future. I currently use Evernote for Mac and iPhone, but I'm happy to look at other options if necessary to complete this. Perhaps Evernote Hello is needed? Thanks for your help, everyone!
  8. +1 for highlighting. It would be so helpful for noting things during class (e.g., discussing a reading, pointing out an important point).
  9. Although it's not built into Evernote, similar Applescript functions already exist: http://veritrope.com/tech/evernote-desktop-folder/
  10. When viewing a note in fullscreen on Lion, there is no Print option in the toolbar. Yes, I could go up to the Menu bar, but that's hidden and isn't immediately visible. I would love to see a print function in the toolbar of a note viewed in fullscreen.
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