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  1. I found this thread while googling for how to do this in the new Evernote 6 for windows client as the process changed from what it was in the Evernote 5 client. As of Evernote 6 you can do this in the GUI by following the instructions below (the keyboard shortcut for the tag filter button is ALT+Shift+T):
  2. I am so happy this is finally fixed! I have finally been able to upgrade my team all to the latest version of evernote. They had been hanging back on the older version 4 because this feature worked there but hasn't worked in version 5 until this latest update. Thank you Evernote!
  3. Searching for a tag, seeing it listed in the search results, and then clicking on it to filter the list of notes on the left to only those with that tag still doesn't work even with the newly released Here is a Video of the issue:
  4. +1, Tough to understand why we are still talking about this 5 months later but they still haven't fixed this. Evernote, please fix this bug.
  5. noted Dear Evernote, I reported this issue for 3-4 beta releases ago... Please look into this. I believe this bug is only present when using "list mode" in Evernote windows. I also made a video the bug in action: It has also been discussed here before: http://discussion.evernote.com/user/154175-segando/?tab=posts @Tetnati, Thank you so much for clearly documenting this and caring enough to make a video of it!
  6. dlu is well aware that Evernote has bugs, and is not someone that I would ever characterize as "ignorant". As a rule of thumb, it's usually better to be more specific when you're trying to communicate with someone, and asking for clarification is not a sign of ignorance (i.e. see the root word "ignore"), but of active interest. There are any number of reasons why some folks have chosen not to install Evernote; not all of them are because of bugs -- but rather because of design decisions that Evernote has made that and are unlikely to change at this time. It would indeed make things clearer if gustavgi could be more specific about where he is coming from. I was being unspecific for a reason. Everyone using Evernote will have their own wishes and opinions of what needs to be done first. Therefore it isn't really relevant which problems I would choose to point out my selft if being specific. My comment was that none of the issues I've seen mentioned reguarly were adressed after this one month update hiatus. Instead markups was added. It would have been nice to see that some of the issues that have been mentioned were fixed, whether or not these would have been important to me personally. But I do have my own concerns. Evernote has created a system with liimitations which makes it necessary for you to rely heavily on the tag structure if you have a lot of long notes where keyword search will get you nowhere. I started using Evernote on Windows, as well as on an Android tablet where nested tags had good support. But when the Android UI was changed a good time ago, so that you no longer could see the full tag names and thus no longer visually distiguish tags with similar tag names from one another, and when the highlighting feature was never implemented on Android, I bought an iPad just for this. Unfortunately the iPad version doesn't support a nested tags view, so finding notes was once again a big problem, but at least the highlighting feature was a huge help when reading on the go. But in iOS7 Evernote decided that let's implement the letter limitation on tags on this mobile system as well... How exactly am I supposed to know which one of these to choose or what to continue typing as I don't remember exactly what I named the relevant tag in the first place? At least the Windows version still worked flawlessly. Until v5. v5 still doesn't support international letters in the search bar tag search. v5 searches for keywords when selecting a tag in the search bar. The jump to tag-function has no connection to left panel, whereas the jump to tag-function in v4 actually jumped to your tag among the nested tags in the left panel. When clicking tags on the left panel which brings you to a tag view in the main window (a nice new implementation in v5) a tag search here doesn't really highlight where the tag is found if you are using nested tags, making the search nearly useless. It would also be nice if the suggestions while adding tags used the 'contains'-filtration and not 'starts with', while typing. I have hopes for fixes of all above mentioned hiccups but would settle for Evernote making their own bug-fix priorities. Thanks for the write up. There are many bugs reported on the forums that haven't been fixed yet, but there are also many that have been. We also fix issues that may not be reported in the forums. For example we've recently fixed a number of crashes, which may not correspond to any single thread or post in the forum. If all you were doing was fixing bugs that caused crashes then I could understand what your saying but what it seems like your doing is continuing to try to implement new features without fixing known, pervasive, and extremely painful bugs for your users. It seems disingenuous to claim that Evernote cares about fixing these bugs when they are ignored while they march ahead with new functionality (which is very cool) while leaving users with a broken application where obvious features that many people depend on are left broken, release, after release, after release. If we didn't use Evernote so much then it wouldn't matter but you have accomplished a major tenant of your mission in that we use Evernote to remember (and recall) everything we do and so I personally have a great dependency on the product working properly. I can tell you I don't try beta versions and report feedback for any other product I use, I don't actively participate in providing feed back in any other products forums, because no other product matters as much to me as Evernote. Please fix tagging in Windows, iOS, and Android or be clear with us that it isn't going to happen and we are going to have to just deal with it or move on.
  7. +1, I have been reporting this and seemingly being ignored for months now. The other features of the product are not important if you break tags, these are the most important and powerful feature of Evernote but Evernote seems to be determined to kill the feature by leaving critical features for anyone who works with tags regularly broken and by limiting the amount of text you can see of a tag in IOS devices. Please fix this, please update your ios apps to properly handle tags up to the maximum character length that your service actually supports, please stop passive aggressively trying to get us to stop using long tags. At least have the guts to come right out and tell us clearly that you are apposed to how we use your product, that what you used to support you don't want to support anymore (like hide unassigned tags), and that if we need this functionality we are just going to have to find another product to use because we are no longer welcome here.
  8. I add Save As to the Outlook quick access toolbar and make it the first entry so if I need the EML file I press ALT+1 in Outlook, Select my evernote import folder that I have added to my favorite folders in Windows Explorer, and then hit enter. This drops it to evernote and as soon as I see the popup for the imported note I click it and add the tags that I need to the note. If I have already clipped the email through the outlook web clipper then I will merge the text based and eml based version into one note.
  9. +1 Still need this feature. Please put it back.
  10. This is still not fixed in the latest beta and I still haven't heard anyone from evernote actually acknowledge that this is broken. Maybe they should read Rework and take to heart that they need to Own your bad news.
  11. +1 lpuerto. I tried nested tags years ago and use tags heavily but don't nest them as it just confuses things since they don't work the way one would expect regardless of whether that is intentional on ENs part or not.
  12. Tag searching is still broken as described in this thread http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/42921-tag-search-not-working-on-windows-desktop-version/ Please fix this so that I can type the text a tag in the searchbox, click the tag, and have the results on the left filter to the results containing just that tag. This worked in previous beta versions but was broken at some point before GA of 5.
  13. I am having the exact same problem. @jefito The tag section should work as others expect and it did in early beta versions of evernote 5. The feature broke and has been broken for several weeks now, very frustrating.
  14. Please fix this. I used it combined with CTRL+Click a tag1+Click tag2 to get a view of all the notes with tag1 and tag2 as well as a filtered list of the other tags that are also present on the notes with tag1 and tag2. I have been fighting for almost a year or more to get compound tag selection fixed and now show unassigned seems like it is going out the door as well.
  15. @Segando I am having the same problem. I understood exactly what you meant. My only hope is that they rev quickly and give us another beta as this is just doing horrible things to my workflow. One of the reasons I am participating in this Beta is because I lead a team of people who all depend on the same workflow that I do with evernote and if I can hopefully get these addressed before the full release it will save my team tons of time and pain.
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