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  1. I use long tags in evernote and recently I noticed that some of my new tags were being silently truncated with the web clipper. For instnace "P Replace Microsoft Recommended NAV Maintenance job with another" get's truncated to "P Replace Microsoft Recommended NAV Maintenance j" in the web clipper. I can rename the tag and use the long tag once it is in evernote but I cannot create it properly in the first place from the web clipper which is frustrating as I create new tags for each project I am working on to track all assets related to the project. What do I need to do to get this fixed?
  2. Thanks for the info. I am really looking forward to this feature and so are 4 other people in my office =). Is there a bugzilla entry or something similar that I can subscribe to so that I can get notified when this feature has been implemented? Maybe even an RSS for the release notes for the Chrome extension?
  3. Evernote Community, I am a keyboard enthusiast and a avid GTD follower. I love Evernote as my life reference system and utilize ToodleDo for my actions system. With the combination of Chrome, Vimium, Switcher, Windows, ToodleDo, Evernote, and Outlook keyboard shortcuts I am able to live my entire life without touching the mouse on a day to day basis except for one simple action, clicking the evernote button in Chrome to snip content from a webpage. This is literally the last thing in my digital workflow that I have to resort to the mouse for and I have not been able to find any way to invoke Evernote's chrome snipping functionality without clicking in the green elephant icon. Please help! Is there any way to use a keyboard short cut to active this button? Is there anyway I can enter this as a feature request if it doesn't already exist? I am a premium Evernote subscriber if that makes any difference. This is the last wall to fall before I have finally reached mouse less nirvana =). Thanks for your help, Chris
  4. Thank you all for the suggestion to use import folders. I don't feel this is an acceptable solution as I need to be able to tag the pdf at the time when I am importing it and I don't want to have to go back and do that as an asynchronus step. I work from an iPad frequently and when I am viewing a pdf in the safari browser there is a "view in evernote" button at the top right corner of the screen that imports the full pdf into a new evernote and allows me to set its tags. The idea that the workflow for adding pdfs is easier from safari on an iPad than from the full range of applications and browser plugins I have installed on my pc seems odd.
  5. Evernote community, Each time I try to clip a PDF document from the web it will only clip the URL. I need to be able to clip the PDF document itself so that when I am using the iPad it will cache the document and allow me to work without an internet connection. Thanks for any help you can provide, Chris
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