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  1. Check out DocumentSnap <http://www.documentsnap.com/batch-ocr-mac-fujitsu-scansnap/> and adapt the steps in the video to your 510M. I have it set on my 510M, so it is possible.
  2. As recipes are not generally confidential or sensitive papers, consider outsourcing all or part of this to a teenager. Teens are generally confident when it comes to scanning to pdf or jpg, or taking digital pictures. They may even have some of their own equipment and be able to do it at their own house. You can trial a particular teen by grabbing 10-30 recipes and seeing how it goes. Parts to the job: scanning to a particular file format or photographing If you scan all to one file, separating into separate files naming the files from a generic name to a more specific name (recipes 11-1-11 01.pdf) tagging the files with appropriate keywords (it should be your job coming up with a taxonomy) uploading/emailing/moving/organizing files to Evernote
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