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  1. EN ver: While annotating a pdf that is attached to a note, if I make a change to the note (e.g. add a todo checkbox or type a reminder regarding the note) the attached pdf file is removed from the note and the annotation window throws an error saying the pdf was removed. It gives me the option to save the annotated pdf in a new note and none of the annotations are lost. If I move the newly created pdf to the original note everything is fine, but I still cannot modify the note if I start annotating again. There are several workarounds for this but it is annoying.
  2. Couldn't get a screen shot of it but when signing in with 2-factor authentication the message alerting me that the 6 digit code had been sent to my phone didn't display the phone number. It showed: "... message sent to $phone$..."
  3. Not sure if this is a bug or a missing feature: Cannot print highlighted text from web clipper. I use the HTML highlighter within the web clipper to highlight text on a page. The note appears in EN with the correct highlighting but the highlighting doesn't print if I print out a physical copy of the note. I have to email the note to myself then print the email in order to keep the highlights. Anyone have a similar problem or know if it's a bug/missing feature? Thanks. EDIT: also doesn't print highlights added through EN directly
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