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  1. Unfortunately, it may be a fwe days before I can say. This mysterious rectangle is intermittent.
  2. This should be VERY easy. When I print a note, more often than not, EN prints an extra page containing only a small rectangle containing "Save PDF to Evernote." How do I get rid of this?
  3. Thanks to all. I had seen the Import Folder option, but didn't know what it was. Makes scanning into notes MUCH easier.
  4. Sorry if this isn't the proper forum. I've searched here and Google but can't find a recent answer. I want to get either a document scanner or an All-in-One that support EN. 90% of my scans will be jpg - don't care if the files are searchable. I can find mobile scanners, but I don't think I want that. I want a scanner or printer that sits on a desk. As I understand it, after I, somehow, scan, it goes into EN. After that I'm lost. Does it scan into a designated Notebook, or into a single Notebook, from which I move it where I want? Any product suggestions will be appreciated.
  5. If I understand this correctly, there is no way to modify Creation Date in the web based EN. Correct? I sort my notes ONLY by date and seldom does creation date match the date I need. Date in title doesn't solve that problem (best I can tell). Does desktop EN allow modified creation dates?
  6. Best I can tell, all DB folders are of "Mail and Post Items." Individual folders use the following columns Android Apps - drag and drop from Inbox - Date received, Sender, Subject, Body Business - Date Created, Subject, Body (create individual notes as needed by custom form) Email - same as Android Apps Genealogy - same as Android Apps Quotes - Subject, Body (create individual notes as needed by custom form) Statistics - Subject, Body (create individual notes as needed by custom form) Vehicles - Date Created, Subject, Body (create individual notes as needed
  7. Don't know how to get a picture. Currently, in the Navigation Pane, I have two psts, I'll call (uncreatively) Default and Two. Neither has a Notes folder or subfolder. PSTs are as follows; "Default" folders include Databases, Deleted Items, Drafts, Inbox, . . . Folders under Databases are Apps, Business, EMail, Genealogy, Quotes, Statistics, Vehicles. Email contains (duh) emails. Quotes consists of Subject/Body. The remaining folders consist of Creation Date/Subject/Body. The "Two" folder contains no Notes and No Databases. Apologies for incorrect lingo. I assumed (incorr
  8. Tools>Accounts>Data Files shows 2 psts. Cked every folder/subfolder in both. No "Notes" anywhere. I run with 5 email accounts in the default pst, FWIW. Seems I saw "Notes" at one time but haven't seen it for, well, I don't remember. Does it matter? I'm trying to transfer database folders, or are "Notes" folders and DataBase folders the same thing? You have me so close to success I can almost touch it.
  9. Thanks for the response. Script runs without error. Also runs with no entries in EN. Here is what I've found with the following two lines. Set outNotesFolder = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI").GetDefaultFolder(FolderType:=olFolderNotes) MsgBox outNotesFolder ' returns "Notes" as folder name. I have no Database named "Notes" and I can find no folder anywhere in the PST named "Notes" - in default pst or the 2nd pst.
  10. Under "Public Sub ConvertToEvernote()", Line "Dim retval, c As Range, fso As Object, enNoteFile As Object" "c As Range" returns "type not defined"
  11. Let's take these one at a time. >> /c date - Specifies the note creation date and time using the format "YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss". If omitted, the current time is used. /// This specifies WHICH creation date? The creation date attached to the note in Outlook? It's apparently not the import date (current time). Where does it get "date?" While the CSV export from Outlook doesn't include the creation date, it is available via Outlook VBA. I've already ported the Excel macro to Outlook and it runs perfectly (for me anyway) on the notes in the default Outlook Notes folder, bringing
  12. Not necessary. Works perfectly. The trick is run the macro with EN closed. Spent waaaayy too much time playing with the code before I tried the easy step. One question. 3 of my notebooks sort notes by date created. When imported from csv, the "created date" is apparently stripped. Any way to bring the date along with the Subject/Body? And thanks GREATLY for the code. Now I can finally delete Outlook without using hours of my time.
  13. forum.xlsm runs without error. After execution, the Notebook remains empty. I have added a msgbox to verify text is in the variables. It appears the text gets to ENTitle, ENNoteText, but no new note is created. FWIW, I've run this with EN open AND closed. For Each c In ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Columns(1).Cells ENTitle = c.Value 'title of the new note ENNoteText = c.Offset(0, 1).Value 'text of the new note Set ENNoteFile = fso.CreateTextFile(ENNoteFileLocation, True, True) 'create the note text file ENNoteFile.Write ENNoteText 'write the note text MsgBox E
  14. Already changed from Outlook to M Client. Not a GREAT alternative, but much less expensive. I'll try the code, next opportunity.
  15. I've searched for a few months (irregularly) and don't remember seeing Save to Evernote add-in for Outlook. I'll look at it. Yes, I have seven CSV files and asked about the Excel script because I have some experience in Excel scripts. Outlook VBA would be fine, if already written. I may be able to get it done, but have little time to commit to the effort. Again, I find it surprising no one connected to EN has written a script that could potentially acquire many more users. No, I don't want them in a single note. Separate notes or I'll keep them in Outlook. But, I'd prefer ditching
  16. I have 8000+ notes in 7 Outlook folders. 95% consist of a subject and body. The remainder are emails. Cut and paste, if I understand this you correctly, is a one-at-a-time endeavor 8000+ times. I can get the Outlook files to a CSV of two fields, each note in one row. (BTW, I'm using "note" as a single entry in a Notebook, not as an app.) In a perfect world, I want to create a new note for each row, with the note parsing the data to subject/body. Unless I've missed something, EN currently has no ability to run a script, obtain one row of data, parse it, and input it into a new note - a rou
  17. Very good. In my (very) limited programing history, I've learned about anything that can be done with keystrokes and/or mouse clicks can be done in a script. I find it difficult to believe a script can't be written moving (copy/paste) an xls or csv record to an EN note as subject/body.
  18. Hope this is the proper forum since it deals with 3rd party app and scripting. Not actually an "idea," although it is tangentially.. Is it possible to open a EN notebook using Excel script? If so, how?
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