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  1. I am also really struggling with the font issue as I use Evernote on my iPad while I'm in court. I have a number of scripts that I need to follow so that everyone who appears in front of me gets the same information. I don't want to drag around a huge binder with all the scripts in it and Evernote has been a godsend. I can access Evernote on my bench PC, but it's much nicer for me to be able to use the ipad and actually look at the people I'm talking to. Staring at a computer screen while you're telling someone very important information just doesn't seem appropriate. The font problem just popped up a little while ago, I'm guessing after I updated my version. So now when I open one of my scripts on the bench, it immediately becomes unreadable. This makes Evernote absolutely unusable for me - which is unfortunate because I originally got it for this exact purpose - I'm trying to drag my little corner of the notoriously backward justice system into the 20th century (20th century first, we'll work on moving into the 21st century after everyone learns to stop hand-writing 20-page rulings and figures out how to use their email) - and this issue unfortunately makes Evernote something I can no longer recommend to my colleagues for use on the bench. I have noticed that the font stays readable if I have the preview pane open and only select the script, instead of opening it. So I'm now doing that and just scrolling all the way down the preview pane. But I'm actively looking for another option. I can't imagine that no one in the Evernote development team considered that people would want to be truly mobile with their notes and use their tablet and smartphones in meetings or situations like mine where a script or speech is stored in Evernote. For a company that has been so perceptive to the need for a mobile note-taking system, and generally responsive to issues, the failure to address this font size issue is incredibly short-sighted.
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