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  1. Is Evernote still available on Nook HD+? and since the HD+ uses Chrome now, any chance the web clipper works now or will in the future?
  2. From what I've seen so far with Evernote and the ways in which I'm using it, I'd be surprised if there weren't a lot of photographers using Evernote creatively. I'm just scratching the surface at the moment, but among the ways I use it, are to gather and organize information on identifying flora and fauna for nature shooting, pinpointing locations when doing street photography, and when collecting research on an audience - a group, organization, etc. for whom I might be planning a talk on photography. Given the image storing and sharing capabilities of Evernote, it's a smooth fit for much of what is done in this arena, it seems. I've shared a few of the ways I'm using it. What are other photographers doing with it?
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