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  1. I am not a developer. I am an artist.

    Safari is my main browser; now and then I encounter a page that doesn't work in it, and use develop>open page with... to quickly toss it to Firefox or Chrome. Both of which, you will note, are listed below about thirty old versions of Evernote.


    I have managed to get rid of most of them; in the interest of not being DenverCoder9 here is what I did:

    I was able to get rid of a bunch of them by going to ~/Application Support/Evernote/ and removing the entire .Sparkle directory, and more just now by going to ~/Library/Caches/com.evernote.Evernote and removing the Sparkle directory.

    I have also discovered that if I attempt to open a webpage in any of the remaining copies of EN, I'm told I'm opening this app for the first time, and given an option to show it in Finder, which makes it easy to find the rest. Restart Safari and enjoy a much shorter list.

  2. On 8/15/2018 at 11:04 AM, EdH said:
    • Fat margins in all clients, and I don't buy the tables issue. I can set margins to 0" in Word and have tables bump up right against the edge of the paper.

    If a new release of Evernote came out that had no margins, I would be very unhappy. White space is good, white space gives my eyes somewhere to rest, white space sets off a note from the rest of the UI or from the stuff outside the window if you've opened it in a new window. And as everyone scrambles to make mobile devices with ever-smaller bezels, it sets your note off from the rest of the entire world. I've been a paid EN user for seven years and never once have I said "these margins are too big".

  3. EN 6.0.13, OSX 10.10.5.


    Huh, EN seems to have an update available it hasn't bugged me about. Let's see if that fixes it.


    *one update later*


    Oh good, it seems to be working again. Well that was simple. Except for wondering why I have the "automatically update EN' box checked and was still running an old version. Weird.

  4. I used to be able to drag and drop an image out of Evernote. Now I can't. If I try to drag it into another program, I get nothing; if I drag it into the Finder, I get a blank text clipping called "Untitled clipping".


    Is there a way to re-enable the old behavior? I've got numerous images stored in Evernote that I like to drop into other programs for further use.

  5. I'd like to start scanning my receipts, especially my business-related ones. The problem is that my business occasionally generates receipts whose lengths are best measured in feet when I go out to the post office and mail off a bunch of books from a successful Kickstarter, and most of these little scan-to-cloud things seem to have maximum lengths that are not much more than one and a half feet.


    I've thought of using some of the phone receipt capturers but those things require a lot of user interaction. I'm lazy, if the initial import process is any more complicated that "put receipt in scanner, push button, shred receipt because now it's in Evernote" I will never get around to doing anything.


    Any suggestions, or am I looking for something that just doesn't exist right now?

  6. Thanks!

    I briefly played the demo for ME but really couldn't get into it - I'm just not a first-person gamer. If it's influenced by any particular video game, it's probably Sega's "Jet Set/Grind Radio" games more than anything else. But mostly it's just me applying my slick limited-color style and animator's attitude to action.

  7. I'm an artist who does comics. My present project, "Decrypting Rita", is a very digital-native comic; it's designed mostly for the iPad screen, and I'm using Evernote as much as I use physical sketchbooks to keep track of things.

    I have a notebook for the comic, of course. Within this notebook I keep a few things: I've got a few notes with model sheets in them, there's a couple of text notes, and there's a note full of images for each comic.

    When I'm working on the comic, sometimes I'll use reference in other windows and hammer the Exposé key to check it out. But other times I just pull out my iPad and use that for referring to a character model or to a previous page.

    A lot of my process happens in Illustrator. Most of the dialogue gets written as I'm laying out the panels, and refined over the course of the page. I'm a sole creator so I really don't feel a need to write all of this stuff out ahead of time. But Evernote's one of the ways I capture my random thoughts about what's happening on a longer range. I've got notes with fragments of dialogue for upcoming pages, I've got a note full of random thoughts like "Rita should totally do the jet grind* thing at some point".

    Not everything lives there. I haven't found a drawing app I really like on the iPad so I'm more prone to do visual notes by just pulling out a sketchbook and drawing, and I'm not married enough to Evernote yet that I reflexively photograph those. (Though now that I think about it...)

    I've also been playing with a proposal for a story set in the land of Oz; that's pretty much entirely text, and has ended up living entirely in Evernote so far. When I get seriously moving on it I'm sure I'll adopt the same workflow I have for 'Rita'.

    I also keep a copy of the comic in iPhoto, as that makes for a much better reading experience (having a 'presentation' mode to Evernote, where you could flip through a bunch of images dumped into a note with fullscreen presentation, would be PRETTY SWEET). But when I'm on the go with my Android phone and want to refer to the previous pages, I turn to Evernote.

    Anyone else out there doing comics and using Evernote? I'd love to see if you've got any ideas I haven't had yet.

    * see the "Jet Set/Jet Grind Radio" games

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