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  1. Clearly your workflow does not involve any iOS devices. "Not installing EN`10" or "just install the Legacy Version" is not an option there.
  2. It used to do this just fine. Then EN10 happened and now it takes 10s. During which I'm either staring at a spinner or poking at an unresponsive image of the UI, trying to get down my thought before it vanishes. It's even slower on one of my iPads.
  3. Nice job rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, guys. The new “home” screen shows less of what I want, and it boots up just as lethargically on my aging iOS devices as the last release did. It’s still taking fifteen goddamn seconds to go from tapping the icon to being able to type in a new note on my iPad Air 3 that handled the old version perfectly well. Ten seconds on my iPhone 6s. And the phone version is very STILL trying to import two images I was stupid enough to try to send from the camera to EN back when 10.8 came out. But I can customize the graphic taking up a quarter of my
  4. aagh this thing is still such a mess, I really wish I could downgrade back to the old one on all my iThings, it still takes for-*****-ever to start responding when I launch the damn thing, and I just tried taking a photo note on my phone and it was the weirdest flickery jumpy experience ever, ugh every time I open Evernote on my phone/tablet it is a slow, terrible experience and it just makes me pissed off but every other note app out there now is a giant pile of Electron garbage too and, ugh, if I didn't have to interoperate with my collaborator's Windows machine I'd just say ****
  5. I am so damn tired of not being able to revert to the iOS versions that actually work. It takes 10-15 seconds for my iPad Air 2 to start showing notes and be responsive. My iPhone 6S takes about as long, and has been showing a banner saying it's importing a couple of clips I sent to EN from the camera for several weeks now, even after leaving it running all night long. Maybe it'd work better if I had a faster phone and tablet that could handle the seven more layers of indirection caused by rebuilding EN as a web app, but I don't, and they worked perfectly fine with the old version. Can we
  6. Nimbus has a lot of features but it sure is failing the "aaargh I hate Electron apps and their utter disregard for normal conventions of OSX keyboard shortcuts" test for me, and that's one of the things that's making me look into switching.
  7. My oldest note in EN is from January 2010; I've been a paid user for most of that time. I am definitely looking into switching away; sure, I can keep using EN 7.something on my Mac, but I can't roll back the IOS clients from the sluggish unusability of EN10 and "capturing random thoughts quickly on my phone" is a lot of what I've used EN for. I am currently working on a note in EN with my opinions on other note apps. It may be the last thing I write in Evernote. Perhaps if your needs align with mine (no Electron apps allowed, needs to have Mac/iOS/Windows/Android clients, needs to deal gr
  8. Notejoy, like New Evernote, is a web app masquerading as an actual app. It does at least have enough attention to detail to not let you select half the stuff in the UI by dragging your mouse across it so there's that. (Seriously, you can select half of EN's interface, it's so embarrassing.) Idle and in the background it's using about as much CPU time on my Mac as Evernote 7.14, so it's cleared the first hurdle of being an Electron app. I would note how EN10 is doing with that but I just replaced that with 7.14. Can't drag and drop an image out of Notejoy to my desktop or another prog
  9. Oh yes, it is also worth noting that all of these old versions were wasting a ton of space on my disc. They're each like ~150 megabytes, which is maybe not much in modern drives, but multiply that by about thirty of them silently piling up with no indication except for this and it's starting to be worth noticing, especially if you're on a machine with a small SSD.
  10. I am not a developer. I am an artist. Safari is my main browser; now and then I encounter a page that doesn't work in it, and use develop>open page with... to quickly toss it to Firefox or Chrome. Both of which, you will note, are listed below about thirty old versions of Evernote. ---- I have managed to get rid of most of them; in the interest of not being DenverCoder9 here is what I did: I was able to get rid of a bunch of them by going to ~/Application Support/Evernote/ and removing the entire .Sparkle directory, and more just now by going to ~/Library/Caches/com.ever
  11. . It's kind of insane. Any suggestions on how to clean this out? OSX, High Sierra, but this has been slowly accreting for quite some time - when did EN 5.2.0 come out?
  12. If a new release of Evernote came out that had no margins, I would be very unhappy. White space is good, white space gives my eyes somewhere to rest, white space sets off a note from the rest of the UI or from the stuff outside the window if you've opened it in a new window. And as everyone scrambles to make mobile devices with ever-smaller bezels, it sets your note off from the rest of the entire world. I've been a paid EN user for seven years and never once have I said "these margins are too big".
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