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  1. I have just gone through some messy stuff with mortgage companies some of whom were far from being honest or who would conveniently loose data etc. Needing a way to track every engagement I came up with a log a very simple note in Evernote that took a format like ----------------------------------------------- Contact Number Fax Number Email Account Number ----------------------------------------------- YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM contacted by fred requesting extra data on loan and requested a $$ payment within one week ----------------------------------------------- YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM sent company a $$ payment (see link) emailed Fred to let him know ----------------------------------------------- etc I kept all the unique contact / account style data at the top and when contacts changed I would just add a new contact name with a date so I could always quote old contacts by name as needed. My goal was a log that gave the company zero wiggle room as far as claiming no knowledge or late payments / data etc. Having both a Mac and an iPhone with Evernote installed no matter where I was I could keep the log current no matter where I how I was contacted. I then scanned every piece of documentation into Evernote and used "Copy Link" to cross reference that material as well. This worked so well now run multiple of these logs for different issues at home and work and created a meta index using "copy link" from a single note that stays in my Inbox so I can find these very quickly. On that wondered if anyone had a 'review' process they use with their Notes. Notes that expire and should be cleaned up , removed , concatenated, summarized etc ?
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