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  1. Thank you! Will post the link to the book as soon as it's uploaded:) I'll try to the Twitter link.?
  2. I'm writing a Kindle book on how to write and launch a paperless Human Resources manual using Evernote. I've come across a number of Kindle books using 'Evernote' in the title/subtitle and the elephant logo in the graphic of the book cover. However, I'd still like to confirm if it's okay to use them on the cover of my book - image attached. Thanks,
  3. Thank you, GrumpyMonkey! I liked that - "EN is for collecting and Scrivener is for creating" - very, very clear now. I downloaded Elements for iPad from the Appstore - I leave my MacBookPro at the office and carry the iPad home and everywhere else after work. I have yet to try syncing Elements with Scrivener via Dropbox:)
  4. Hi, I've been using Scrivener for writing until I discovered Evernote a couple of weeks ago! Evernote doesn't sync with Scrivener but it's as good as Scrivener (perhaps better - Scrivener is not mobile:) but I wish it had two more levels in Notes - Stacks, Notebooks, Notes: Level-1, Level-2, Level-3. Currently, I assign a notebook to a chapter and stack them all into a 'book'. I assign a topic to each note in a chapter; however, most chapters (in nonfiction books) have subtopics. Two more levels in Notes would do the trick... and of course, I'd have to go Premium to be able to work offline on my iPad &/or iPhone:)
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