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  1. I'm preparing my taxes and I'd like to enter all my utility bills onto another note. So I narrow down all my monthly invoices for the year, get the invoice amount for January, and then search for the note I just created on which to enter it (and subsequent invoices). I enter the amount and then I have to search again my monthly invoices, and the cycle repeats over and over. Is there a more efficient way for to do this? Thanks!
  2. Fortunately I had a copy someplace else, but it is a little disconcerting to lose a copy of a note that I thought I had - the one I needed. How long do you keep backups of scanned images? Because I usually delete them from my external hard drive after I've titled and tagged the note. I keep a copy of a current EXB. file saved on an external hard drive. Thanks, Todd
  3. I can see a preview of the note I need in snippet view, but the note is not visible in or accessible from the main viewing screen. I'm having the same issue trying to access it online. Windows 8.1 Thank you.
  4. Praise the Lord! Found a solution: moved my database to a different drive. Thanks.
  5. I'm using a pc. I did log out and back in to no avail.
  6. It has been (3) days that my free account has been at (0) days left in cycle. I've tried to refresh and sync to no avail. I'm maxed out and cannot scan to Evernote. How do I resolve this problem? Thanks! Todd
  7. I clicked "quote" and, as you can see, there is no quote. Strange. I dunno....
  8. Is there any reason why I am not able to quote another member's content to respond to it? I click "quote" and I am able to respond, but the content to which I am responding does not show up so you can't see what I'm responding to? Thanks, Todd
  9. What client? Web & Windows desktop clients allow you to open a note to a seperate window. (Double click in Windows client or right click/open on Windows & web.) Client? I'm not familiar with that terminology. I have Windows 7 Home Premium.
  10. I am working on my tax return and would like to calculate my home office expenses for the year. I do a search for my expenses, which I would then like to collect into a separate note (or worksheet). Unfortunately, I lose my search when I transition to the note and vice versa. Is there any way to keep my search active while I work on a separate note? Please advise. Thank you! Todd
  11. I am using a Scansnap S1300 and Windows 7. In the taskbar, the Scansnap Manager icon is crossed out (has a line through it). This happens frequently, even though my Scansnap is turned on, plugged in, and recognized by my computer. I have to restart my computer and then the Scansnap icon is not crossed out and I can use my Scansnap. Then, after a while, it will become crossed out and unavailable once again until I restart my computer. Any ideas on how I can make my Scansnap available for use without having to restart my computer? Thanks, Todd
  12. Okay. And by "normal" search you mean there are no shortcuts (ie "intitle:")? You just have to hunt using key words from memory? Any tips on how to handle this? Thanks, Todd
  13. I merged (2) notes together. When I searched for the sub-note using an intitle search, nothing turned up, even though the search term is in the title of the sub-note. Does anyone know how I can find a note like this without having to do multiple searches? Thanks! Todd
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