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  1. Is it possible to have two different notes on one page in the Moleskine smart notebook? When I write my notes, e.g. during a meeting, I often end halfway the page. I don't like to start the next note on the next page and leave a half page blank. But then when I scan the notes with my iPhone, I end up with stuff that doesn't belong there. Is there a way to divide those notes? Will Evernote recognize them as different notes when I use the smart stickers (which I haven't used so far). What i do now I scan the pages that belong to that specific meeting and then with Skitch I delete the bottom half of the last note (with meeting notes of the next meeting). Then I scan that page and the following pages for the second meeting, and again use Skitch, this time to delete the top part of the first page (that was the last part of the first meeting). This seems like it's not really the right way of doing it. Any tips? I hope I made sense...
  2. Thanks for all the replies! My question that remains now is what version I should use; the mac appstore version or evernote's website version - if there's a difference. The previous time it installed, the evernote website gave me an install file to download. Yesterday, the evernote website redirected me to the appstore, so I downloaded it there. I figured there was no difference, I'd just get the latest version! Apparently there IS a difference!
  3. Thanks for your reply, gazumped! As soon as I opened the newly installed Evernote, it immediately downloaded all my notes. I have a 120 Mb internet connection, so things go super fast, even though it had hundreds of notes (including hundreds of pdf's) to download. Everything is there, except now I don't know if there's duplicates on my harddrive or not. I'll go check your two links and see what I can find!
  4. The last version that I was running was installed off the Evernote website (because it wasn't available in the Mac App Store yet then). I wanted to upgrade today, and the Evernote website referred me to the appstore, from which I downloaded and installed. It did say I hadn't "purchased" before. After installation, I saw that tons of notes weren't there yet, and had to be re-downloaded. Also, my "recent notes" referred to the notes that were there before I did the previous update from the Evernote website. This made me think that maybe I now have 2 databases stored on my Mac? One for the version downloaded straight from the Evernote site (previous version) and on for the version that I downloaded from the Mac appstore today? It is so strange that none of the recent notes (a few hundred) seemed to be there, and also that my recent notes weren't correct. Any input on this? How do I find out? TIA!
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