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  1. Like this user, I am running and am happy with it. While the hotfix sounds promising, I am having difficulty confirming the changelog for this version. If there were additional changes made beyond enabling https, I may just stick with my old version and forego the sync. Is there a list of what the changes were between these two versions?
  2. I will vote this up as well, since it seems that Evernote does not always use the default font. Not sure why, since I use Ctrl-Shift-V 95% of the time, but in general I find font management a pain in Evernote. I used to do housecleaning on some of my notes by copying the entire thing to Notepad, deleting the Evernote version, and then pasting back to a fresh Evernote note, but over time graphics and URLs made that option less appealing. I do find though, that if I 'select all' a note in Evernote, and change the font, new lines can still somehow be pasted as a different font. It must be buried in the formatting somewhere.
  3. I'm still running and it has hyperlink pasting when using Ctrl-Shift-V. To my mind we need at least three options: full formatting URLs retained just plain text There are many times where I've simply wanted plain text, and/or Evernote is stripping useful line breaks, and I need to use Notepad as an intermediary. There are also times where full formatting or URL pasting are useful. Not sure what the solution is apart from more paste options.
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