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  1. BnF, thanks for the answer. This is just to report that 4.1.6 finally solved the issue of the crashes and everything is fine again on my iPad. It took a while but it turned out well Thanks L
  2. As soon as I updated to 4.1.3 (iPad 2 16gb wifi, iOS 5) editing any note on my iPad became impossible. Evernote was crashing at every attempt to edit either a new or an existing note. I did the uninstall - restart iPad - reinstall from computer dance. I tried to create another account to see if it was one specific existing note creating the problem... no avail. I submitted a ticket, sent the log... all the usual procedure. I also sent some further information on how the bug seemed to manifest, and offered to provide any further information they might need from me. After two weeks the support t
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