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  1. Just to join the chorus: I use penultimate almost daily, have large notes with many 10s of pages... or at least I used to. Now they are long stripes of "paper" where it is impossible to jump from one place to another has become impossible. Plus of course, since I had the strange idea of writing in landscape, now they have become unusable because they are all rotated 90 degrees. Seriously, people... did you not realize landscape mode would basically stop working? Did you not realize people were using the thumbnail view you had put in there in the first place? Did you not realize that if single pages have replaced continuous scrolls of pages at some point in the middle age, perhaps, but perhaps there was some reason, or at the very least, perhaps people have their brain trained that way and their habits formed accordingly? And, since you used that same paradigm until yesterday, perhaps people had at the very least organized their notes accordingly and they might really NOT like you changing the whole principle under their feet? I think I have never seen an app passing from so useful to so useless in a single update.
  2. BnF, thanks for the answer. This is just to report that 4.1.6 finally solved the issue of the crashes and everything is fine again on my iPad. It took a while but it turned out well Thanks L
  3. As soon as I updated to 4.1.3 (iPad 2 16gb wifi, iOS 5) editing any note on my iPad became impossible. Evernote was crashing at every attempt to edit either a new or an existing note. I did the uninstall - restart iPad - reinstall from computer dance. I tried to create another account to see if it was one specific existing note creating the problem... no avail. I submitted a ticket, sent the log... all the usual procedure. I also sent some further information on how the bug seemed to manifest, and offered to provide any further information they might need from me. After two weeks the support ticket gets closed since "the developers have all the needed information". I patiently waited for 4.1.4. 4.1.4 came, and the problem was still there, manifesting exactly the same way. Create new note, type one character: at the second character, crash. Opened a second support ticket. Re-sent the log. Re-did the uninstall vodoo. Customer service people answered apologizing and saying they would speak with the developers because this "is not acceptable". I kind of agreed. Two weeks, the ticket is closed because "the developers had all the information". Waited for 4.1.5. 4.1.5 is here, and nothing changed. Evernote is unusable on my iPad. In the meantime I had a conference, countless business meetings. Another conference is coming next week, and I'm stuck with emailing my notes to Evernote from my the iPad mail app (or using the laptop, which defeats the purpose of having an iPad). I'm a premium user. I don't need the increased upload quota. I don't need all the other perks except the offline notebooks on my iOS devices (which is of little use if I cannot use Evernote on the iPad). I pay because I like the application and the functionality, I'm using it regularly and I believe it is right to support a company that provides me a service I find useful. I am aware, being a programmer myself, that bugs appear, that some of them are nasty and difficult to discover. I refrained so far from cancelling my premium subscription or giving bad rating to Evernote on the App Store. I notified a problem, I asked for a solution I waited for it over three versions. The solution did not come, and I am not particularly inclined to open another support case, given the utterly useless responses I got in the first two. At this point I'm severely disappointed. My probelm was not solved, and I strongly suspect it was not addressed either. I could have sent the crash logs that my iPad produces, where, e.g the crashing thread is specified. I could have authorized Evernote to look into my notes to see of there was something causing the crash (I don't think so but anyway...). I made myself available for beta testing, and was not "admitted" to it. My contacts with support were always polite and timely, but never contained the smallest bit of useful information. Evernote support for me was a black hole. A very polite one though. This has turned into the most frustrating app experience I ever had on iOS, more so because I rely on Evernote heavily. Since being patient and helpful does not seem to work, perhaps being a bit more vocal will? Let's see. L.
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