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  1. Ever since installing IOS10 (currently 10.0.2) on iPhone6s, Evernote (7.17.1) crashes after about 10 seconds. Totally unusable. Any recognition of the issue and resolution time?
  2. I am very aware of all other threads on this subject. However, I like to cast in my vote for a decent alternative to the old Safari clipper functionality. The current web clipping can't be called a replacement. Safari Clipping was for me the most appealing cool feature that made me upgrade to premium membership. It was fast, reliable and made a perfect copy of any webpage. I just loved it! After the troubles around Lion started and were not solved within 2 months, I blocked renewal of my premium subscription with an explanation to the Evernote staff. Hoping it would create awareness at the management of Evernote to take it's customers seriously. It did not. The replacement came in late en was very disappointing. I kept looking in these forums every day for any news that would give hope on a replacement of the old cool feature. After months of patience, I have lost faith. In my opinion, the current network-based web clipper is no serious alternative. I believe that the architectural choice to synchronise a clip back and forth over the network will never be able to match the instant real-time behaviour of the old functionality. It is a different design that will likely never meet the look and feel of the old functionality. Next to that, I really do not understand why it seems such a challenge to Evernote to create a descent looking copy of a web page. As a customer, I experience some responses of Evernote employees in this forum as insulting. They seem not able or allowed to recognize and confirm the importance of this functionality to customers. Instead, I see them downplaying the relevance in several ways. And I see a lot of technical excuses why it will never be the same. I find this not very convincing. This is not a farewell note, but a desperate last attempt to ask Evernote management to make this average product the excellent solution again that it used to be.
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