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  1. I am a frequent user of Mindjet's Mind Manager and Thinking Place for Android. I use it to analyse the complexity of a problem and then form the structure from which I can export to Word and then fill out the document with the detail. Being a visiual learner, seeing concepts in pictures really works for me. A big feature of these tools for me would be to export to Evernote as either a Notebook or a series of tagged up notes in an existing notebook. They currently only seem to be able to import as images or attached files at the moment. Deconstructing a mind map in this way would be a quick way of creating multiple notes with a common structure that then could be shared with collaborators to fill in the details. I think this is a feature for the developers of Mind Mapping tools as Evernote already looks as if it provides more than enough means for Third Party systems to send notes to it. Hoping that one of the Mind Map producers will come up with it soon then my use of Evernote and Mindmapping (especially on the mobile) will go up rapidly.
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