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  1. I've spent hours on github, stack overflow and here looking for so much as a single opensource/tutorial rails 4.2.x (or 4.1, or 4.0) app that demonstrates 1) requesting and storing an evernote oauth token, 2) using API to do a few basic requests: List of user's notebooks, notes in a notebook, content of a note. No f***ing luck. Anyone out there with a URL they can point me to? Yes, I know all about the ruby SDK - which has not had a commit in 2+ years. I'm looking for something, anything that points to what is the right way to use this API in Rails today - not 2,3,4,5 years ago. Sorry for the rant, thanks in advance.
  2. Working with the sandbox evernote and developer token. Want to - for now - turn the displayed title into a link to that note in my sandbox evernote on my dev machine. It looks like I'd build a URL that looks like: https://sandbox.evernote.com/Home.action?#st=p&n=42125d8e-b99d-4e4e-89de-50826693cff2 with n=guid. but this forum entry: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/18854-best-way-to-handle-note-display/?hl=%2Bopen+%2Bnote#entry94258 talks about "shard ids". Only mention I've found is in http://dev.evernote.com/documentation/cloud/chapters/note_links.php What's the right way for newbie baby steps in the sandbox? And, once I start using Oauth, is there a way to ask the API for a Note Link for a given note?
  3. doing this: notes = note_store.findNotesMetadata(note_filter, 0, 100, spec).notes @recipes = notes.collect { |note| note_store.getNote(auth_token, note.guid, true, true, false, false) }puts @recipes[0].guid worked. and then test1 = note_store.getNote(@recipes[0].guid, true, false, false, false) puts test1.title got the title. and then cleaned the note's content via require 'nokogiri'....doc = Nokogiri::HTML(test1.content)# Search for nodes by cssdoc.css('div').each do |link| puts link.contentend Whee! doc = Nokogiri::HTML(test1.content)# Search for nodes by cssdoc.css('div').each do |link| puts link.contentend
  4. So, working with the code "Evernote Sample Usage of API for Ruby" (contained in https://github.com/evernote/evernote-oauth-ruby) for NoteStore#findNotesMetadata and I get as a result: <Evernote::EDAM::NoteStore::NotesMetadataList startIndex:0, totalNotes:7, notes:[<Evernote::EDAM::NoteStore::NoteMetadata guid:"d34f88f6-ddbf-4ce4-8fdb-7b443878433a">, <Evernote::EDAM::NoteStore::NoteMetadata guid:"5b397132-3e6e-4cb2-b0f7-5bed1cf2063d">, <Evernote::EDAM::NoteStore::NoteMetadata guid:"1501b123-2a99-466a-a462-10cb56614a49">, <Evernote::EDAM::NoteStore::NoteMetadata guid:"c7d5b8fa-d5b8-427e-a289-2f43917c9c27">, <Evernote::EDAM::NoteStore::NoteMetadata guid:"3fb51f2e-1aa4-4acd-a9dd-c714fd025c93">, <Evernote::EDAM::NoteStore::NoteMetadata guid:"fd7e2077-dec1-45fd-a7e7-e3a9bf6db910">, <Evernote::EDAM::NoteStore::NoteMetadata guid:"39395005-4b98-4c48-9e85-7552c4d5c6a4">], updateCount:23> How do I turn this result into an array so I can get result[0].guid or a hash so I can persist it in a model?
  5. Hi Kentaro - overkill for what I want... I think I can live with the two call method (unless someone knows a way to get content for notes that match a term in one call) if I push this out to Redis.
  6. Bob Walsh

    evernote-oauth-ruby vs evernot-sdk-ruby

    If you are a ruby on rails developer, break out the ruby_on_rails sample from https://github.com/evernote/evernote-oauth-ruby, set up your environmental variables (I like the Figuro gem for this) and have at it - excellent way to see how the EV api works from a ruby/ror perspective.
  7. Hi Kentaro, Thanks for the info - webhooks[filtered] makes sense in general, but the catch is "The filter is configured on your API key, so it is the same for all users." Since each user will have a [growing] list of terms they care about, - some unique, some shared - how can I make this manageable?
  8. Newbie to the Evernote API, but as I understand it, to find notes containing or tagged with 'rubyonrails' I'd first do a call to NoteStore.FindNotesMetadata (specifically with a filter.setWords('rubyonrails') ), then iterate through the results (guids?) and grab the content with NoteStore.getNote (or NoteStore.getNoteContent ???). (And all the above within the context of the user has Oath credentials) 1. Is there a way to do this in one go instead of multiple API calls? 1B. All I want is the title of the note, body (will truncate to first 100 words), guid (so they can open it) and last updated date. How do I limit the data returned to just that much? 2. My goal is to create a set of records from the user which match up to keywords they've set, show them just enough info for each note so if they want to see the note they can open it. is there a concept/filter so I can pull new notes or notes created after the creation of a given note? 3. Looking for sample/examples of doing above in Ruby on Rails 3.2.x - Found the Sinatra example on github, but what about Rails? Thanks in advance,
  9. Bob Walsh

    productivity Using Evernote for GTD

    The problem I have with transposing GTD onto EN is the more notebooks, the more of my time spent on moving notes between those notebooks. Have a look at this great post: http://ruudhein.com/evernote-gtd
  10. Bob Walsh

    blogging Welcome to the World of Evernote and Blogging

    Hi Michael - do you know of a good Evernote to HTML tool? Many of the posts I write at 47hats start out in in Evernote, then go to WordPress. But, lists in an EN note do not become HTML lists.