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  1. Thanks for the responses.

    I placed the PDF in Evernote because only a few of the 92 pages have information that I need. Since Evernote will OCR the scans within the PDF, I can search for the information I need and Evernote will take me to a specific page. My thought was to then go to that page in the PDF in Acrobat or Preview and grab it from the other 91 pages. However, since Evernote doesn't let me know what the page number is, I would still have to go through most of the 92 pages and compare page-by-page.

  2. I'm on a Mac with OSX 10.7.9. I'm using the latest version of Evernote for the desktop, 6.0.16.


    Something new has just starting happening in the last two or three days. When I try to edit a note and put the insertion point where I want to type, typing just one character immediately selects from the insertion point to the end of the current paragraph. Typing another character then, of course, replaces all the selected text with that next character. I've never seen anything like it.


    Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any ideas about how to correct it?


  3. richiemap, on 06 Aug 2013 - 10:30 AM, said:snapback.png

    Sorry to be so late to this discussion but I may have a simple workaround to get rid of unwanted double-spaced text: select the text in question, hit the numbering icon, then hit it again to un-number the selection and it will be single spaced.

  4. I'm not yet a Premium user. My understanding is that, in order for multiple people in a company to have their own username and password to sign in to a joint company notebook, that notebook must be Premium. Is that true?

    Secondly, is there a way that, when each person in a company signs in to that joint company notebook, Evernote can automatically identify which notes have been changed since that individual last read the note? (Like most forums do for users.)

    Example: Jack edits a note at 9:22. Jill signs in at 9:24 and updates that note. Jack signs back in (or refreshes) at 9:26 and Evernote lets him know, by some visual mark or signal, that the note has changed since he last clicked on it.

  5. On the web, I can change the color of the text but I cannot give the text a colored background.

    On the iPhone app, I cannot change the color of text but I can give the text a colored background.

    There are other things that are aggravatingly inconsistent between the web, iPhone app and the Mac OS app.

    This lack of consistency between platforms seems unprofessional for a company that has some of the most professional marketing I've ever seen.

    I think Apple has reflected the desires of users as they've continued to bring all their interfaces into conformity.

    I also think that Evernote would benefit by more communication and consistency between their developers of different platforms.

    When a user gets used to a feature on one platform, they want to (and should be able to) find the same feature with the same functionality in the same place on any other platform.

    To do less is to do its users a disservice.

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