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  1. This is the primary reason why i won't upgrade to premium. The editing issue has been around since the beginning of time. It's a basic and essential feature, and there should be no excuses why it STILL hasn't been fixed The issue discourages putting any formatting and any images in with notes - whats the point if everything other than plain text notes are unable to be conveniently edited and amended?
  2. Ah ok. Thanks. Yeah, there's no 3rd aprty app which could cause cause it because all the apps present were added before it started adding the 6 tags. And no word from evernote employees about how to fix this?
  3. Hey Jefito Thanks for replying I just have plain boring evernote. No premium, no moleskin, no stitch, nothing. They're definitely not tags that i created myself.
  4. Hi EVERY time i log out of evernote on Android and then log back in again, the same 6 tags keep on appearing, and EVERY time i have to delete them from the web app (it won't allow it in Android). How do i get rid of them permanently and stop them coming back? Cheers
  5. Amazing. I never even would have thought about that. It seems obvious in retrospect, though. Thanks for sharing the resolution with us! Thanks GM. I'm actually surprised too. Until i signed out etc the spinner would go round and round and round, but now it just goes straight into "downloading headers". That's how it always used to be.
  6. I recieved instruction from an Evernote employee to sign out, clear cache, and then reboot my phone. That seems to have solved it. Thanks you
  7. Thanks GrumpyMonkey. I've filled out the form My phone has been restarted 10+ times since it started playing up and there is nothing wrong with my wifi conenction which happens to be perfectly fine with every other app.
  8. Hi guys It was one of the last 2 updates which seems to have caused it. I'm using version 4.0.4, and even when i haven't made any changes whatsoever, that circle in the bottom left on Evernote goes round and round and roudn and round and round for what seems like eternity before it says "downloading headers....." etc. I times it before and the spinner span round for 4 minutes and 23 seconds before it said "downloading headers" etc. It shouldnt be doing this. It never used to. If nothing has changed the sync should be almost instantanous - that's how it always used to be. it's taking the same amount of time now if there are no changes to what it used to do if i had changed eevry single note in almost every notebook. I used to use Evernote to send links quickly from my pc to my phone, but the amount of time it now takes to sync even when i add 1 note with 1 link is making Evernote an impractical option. Are the devs aware of this issue, and wioll it be fixed any time soon? Cheers jeff I'm using HTC Sensation running Androird 4.0.3. If it helps, i'm also using wifi all the time
  9. I upgraded to ICS a few days ago and mine seems to be fine. HTC Sensation Android 4.0.3 Sense 3.6 I'm also using the latest Evernote
  10. I would welcome this too, also as a Ubuntu user and Android user. I can't see the logic of having a backup facility for Windows and Mac but not Linux or the web, either from the point of view of Evernote's employees, their business model, or their users. Nobody benefits. Think about it! The web client is platform independent and would require no maintainance - this means that there is no need to spend lots of programming hours keeping up with the latest Mac and Windows versions. It's also readily available to all no matter what platform they use.
  11. Just successfully downloaded it. It installs fine now
  12. When i try to download the latest update, the widget downloads fine but the main Evernote file won't install. Keeps on saying something like "Package file is invalid" after it's downloaded It's getting lots of 1 star ratings on the market too HTC Sensation - Android 2.3.4 UPDATE: Just successfully downloaded it. It installs fine now
  13. I would like to see a widget where you can adjust the level of transparancy too. The current widget with it's bright green is too in yer face on my home screen, so i don't use it
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