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  1. From what I can tell, Evernote just doesn't care what we think, they just make "genius" design changes based on the way "they like it".We are only numbers to them, since not enough people complain, "who cares"!
  2. So I do love Evernote. I've never liked their arrogance toward design though. They come up with fantastic ideas but then the think they "know it" , it seems they only design as THEY like it. Omniscient beings that always know what we the users --paying users!!!-- need or want.l It's not a conspiracy, it's just business; THEY DON'T CARE!. It's about numbers. So, if enough users complain, they go back on their decision, but if not enough users complain, then they were infallibly right and they'll just keep being in many areas design gods. That arrogance is what irks me from Evernote- love everything else. To bad. I don't think I can really stay any longer. I gave this arrogant design decision time for it "to grow on me". But it didn't. My work flow--which developed through time because of Evernote's design-- starts with the Notebook view. So scrolling and searching is agains the grain for me --an ignorant non-flexible user--. Why not just add this awful new layout to the user choices for Notebook view so WE THE USERS CAN CHOSSE! I will be moving to another platform. It's probably best for Evernote because it's obvious I'm not in their customer radar. To bad.
  3. Evernote just made a new update but they didn't fix the Notebook layout! C'mon let, us know if you will fix it or not so we can leave Evernote. Someone at Evernote is always "figuring out" ways of aggravating loyal users!
  4. Evernote always does stuff like this. They think if they like it, it works for everybody. I love Evernote, but I hate when it goes to their head.
  5. It's obvious that Evernote doesn't care about paying customers who have been loyal through the years. Judging by their actions, privacy for them is of little concern it doesn't matter what their press realeses say! I don't care if Mother Teresa was chosen to read my PRIVATE information. Probably Mother Teresa would not have accepted the job out of RESPECT to customers. I wonder if Evernote's CEO would allow his employees to access his private notes!
  6. The arrogance! I could allow Evernote employees to read my notes if they allow me to read theirs!!!! Adios Evernote, thanks for trampling on privacy. I really hope you fail!
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