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  1. From what I can tell, Evernote just doesn't care what we think, they just make "genius" design changes based on the way "they like it".We are only numbers to them, since not enough people complain, "who cares"!
  2. So I do love Evernote. I've never liked their arrogance toward design though. They come up with fantastic ideas but then the think they "know it" , it seems they only design as THEY like it. Omniscient beings that always know what we the users --paying users!!!-- need or want.l It's not a conspiracy, it's just business; THEY DON'T CARE!. It's about numbers. So, if enough users complain, they go back on their decision, but if not enough users complain, then they were infallibly right and they'll just keep being in many areas design gods. That arrogance is what irks me from Evernote- love everything else. To bad. I don't think I can really stay any longer. I gave this arrogant design decision time for it "to grow on me". But it didn't. My work flow--which developed through time because of Evernote's design-- starts with the Notebook view. So scrolling and searching is agains the grain for me --an ignorant non-flexible user--. Why not just add this awful new layout to the user choices for Notebook view so WE THE USERS CAN CHOSSE! I will be moving to another platform. It's probably best for Evernote because it's obvious I'm not in their customer radar. To bad.
  3. Evernote just made a new update but they didn't fix the Notebook layout! C'mon let, us know if you will fix it or not so we can leave Evernote. Someone at Evernote is always "figuring out" ways of aggravating loyal users!
  4. Evernote always does stuff like this. They think if they like it, it works for everybody. I love Evernote, but I hate when it goes to their head.
  5. It's obvious that Evernote doesn't care about paying customers who have been loyal through the years. Judging by their actions, privacy for them is of little concern it doesn't matter what their press realeses say! I don't care if Mother Teresa was chosen to read my PRIVATE information. Probably Mother Teresa would not have accepted the job out of RESPECT to customers. I wonder if Evernote's CEO would allow his employees to access his private notes!
  6. The arrogance! I could allow Evernote employees to read my notes if they allow me to read theirs!!!! Adios Evernote, thanks for trampling on privacy. I really hope you fail!
  7. I got charged $45.00 by Evernote, it's in my bank statement. The same day I got an email from Evernote stating that my Premium subscription had expired. I sent Customer Support a picture of the credit card charge asking them what was going on. That was almost 2 weeks ago!!!! I got a ticket number <Ticket# 1075647 - Premium subscription> My real problem is that I have been a Premium member for many years now and because this glich I was not able to use Presentation Mode on a very important project. It's obvious that since I sent my Customer Support request as a non Premium user (because THEIR system charged me but did not updated me!!!) I am on back log for a response. Does anybody know if there is a way to talk to some one or to contact a real person that can fix my problem?? I am almost ready to get rid of Evernote!!! This has really hit me as a customer because I trusted Evernote and not being able to use presentation mode when I had everything ready makes me think twice if they really care about the way I work.
  8. I have been a paying customer for some time. I have promoted Evernote everywhere I go as this great company focused on helping us be more productive. Yet, in tha past months it seems Evernote is more focused on selling computer stands, socks, and other merchandise than in listening to its customers. Who is Elvis at Evernote?? Is anybody in charge? Because from where we are, the customers, it seems no one is listening. This is not perception; we don't get a response, Penultimate is a disaster and no one has come out to even say, "We are arrogant and we will follow our own path"-not even that. Customer support is snail slow at best, Evernote desktop update brought more problems and no one addresses them. I hear about Evernote conferences, about Phil Libin (Evernote's CEO) being a speaker in this and that other conference. But what about us, the loyal customers, are we even a blip in Evernote's radar? All we hear is silence, and silence is dangerous because it gives us time to take our business somewhere else. But maybe that is what Evernote is counting on. They don't want customers like "us", they want customers like "them". Ok, fair, but at least say farewell! Have some integrity! Tell us what you really are all about. I can't see how investors don't pay attention to this ill treatment of customers. Of how designers just "go forward" as geniuses and don't feel for their customer base. Evernote is an amazing idea, I wish I had come up with it. I know this was a great company made of what looked like amazing people that brought "Workflow for dummies" to the market. As it stands, we, the customers, don't get a say on where Evernote should go, that's fine, just tell us, DO YOU STILL NEED US?!
  9. Can't believe Evernote does things crapy like that. I think is arrogance. Then they do some great things.
  10. When ever I open a note the title is highlighted. I have accidentally stroked a key erasing the title! I guess designers never accidentally strike a key so they never thought there would be clumsy customers like me. Is there any way to turn this off?
  11. Same here! I have posted my problem with this new update. Now search doesn't bring anything back and app freezes. I am paying for this. I don't know what's going on with Evernote as a company. I don't know if it is arrogance that their vision is clearly better than their customers', I don't know if is management or just basic terrible coding and design. Penultimate is a disaster. New update of Evernote is a disaster. And now this iOS. I use this 3 services for critically issues, now I feel I can't trust my work to Evernote.
  12. Suddenly search is not bringing anything back on iOS app. Any body knows what can I do to make it work? Some how I get the feeling things are going south for Evernote as a company. The Penultimate problems, the new update, now this. :-( Thanks
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