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My blog GTD for CIOs is about how I use Evernote to implement Getting Things Done to manage my life.  It allows me to successfully manage the Information Technology department at Creative Artists Agency and I believe it is perfectly suited to any CIO or senior-level manager in an information technology department.

All comments and opinions are my own and do not reflect the views of CAA.

If you are a CIO or any senior level technology executive then most likely you have a stressful life with so many demands on your time that there is literally not enough time in a day to get it all done.  I have found an extremely effective way to balance all of the commitments in your life and it is called Getting Things Done or GTD for short.

What’s the essence of Getting Things Done?  GTD provides the most systematic and effective way to manage all the commitments you have to yourself and others.  GTD’s key benefit is freedom – freedom from the sources of distraction and stress in your life.

David Allan’s first book Getting Things Done – The Art of Stress Free Productivity is the basis for my work-life management system that has evolved over the years.  I do not literally practice David Allan’s version of GTD but rather use the basic concepts and modify or adapt them to the reality of my life.  In this blog I hope to share what has worked for me – the tools, processes and methodology that make up GTD for CIOs.

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