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  1. No worries Scott. Just wanted to ensure that this feature wasn’t falling off the table. BTW, love the new Tables features. I have been switching back and forth to create a new table in the beta and switch back to previous version to use it. thanks for all the good work. Nico
  2. I concur with this report. I use the webclient a lot with my short cuts. I have added two images. The light one has the shortcuts in the previous version of the webclient and the dark one has the shortcuts in the new version of the web client.As you can see, several of the shortcuts are missing in the new version. When I compare the two views I noted that the missing shortcuts are all related to tags. I use Chromium as my webbrowser: Versie 79.0.3945.79 (Officiële build) Built on Ubuntu , running on Ubuntu 18.04 (64-bits). Hope this helps, tracking this bug.
  3. Just got back from my holidays and noticed that the translation error has been fixed. Thanks for the quick fix.
  4. Don't know which update this was in but I just found out that you created a saved search option in the new web version. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!! This will make my life much easier! Now if you only could add two features : - able to reorder the list of saved searches. Preferable by either alphabetically or pick/select a saved search and move it up or down - select one or more saved searches and deleted them Thank you!
  5. There is a translation error in the Dutch language Evernote webversion. When you create a note and want to add a link then the pop-up note, which should say insert a link instead says insert a line. So the Dutch translation says 'Voeg lijn toe' instead of 'Voeg link toe'.
  6. In general I like the Web beta. One thing I am frustrated with is that I can not seem to save a search query. Is there something that I am missing or this is on some wishlist? My work around is that I created a separate note that holds all my search queries that I want to save. This note also has a table with the search query syntax for reference. Nico
  7. I use the same functionality of archiving mail messages in Evernote. For that purpose I have setup filters in Gmail and rules in Outlook to catch certain types of mail and send them automatically on to a specific Evernote notebook.
  8. Since I started using a smartphone I take a picture of everything non electronic that I want to keep and share it as an Evernote. This can be a utility bill that needs paying, an interesting article in the newspaper or something on a whiteboard. Basically anything that is not yet in electronic form. Everything is synced automatically to all my Evernote devices so I have it available on my laptop at work, my Asus Transformer tablet and my desktop computer at home. No more paper necessary. I even threw out my printer at home. The only problem encountered so far is when I needed to present an e-ticket on paper so that the barcode could be read.
  9. I use a notebook called INBOX. This is my designated INBOX where everything I jot down or take a note of will end up in first. This is also where my forwarded mail messages end up in. Then when I do my review I add tags and move them to other notebooks or they get moved to a specific notebook called DONE. This is my archiving notebook.
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