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  1. I have started the long process of cleaning out my email folders. I have/had a bunch of folders with stuff in that I wanted to keep. I started going through it all and emailing stuff to my EN account that I want to keep. This is great! I'm almost to the point where everything I do is in EN. I have even started making a new note for each day and making lists and notes in that one note. It is great to see what I can get done in one day. Seeing it get checked off has been keeping me motivated. I am also using EN for my photography business. It really helps to keep everything organized and I love not having stacks of paper!
  2. Not sure where to put this. I was wondering if anyone uses EN for couponing? I have just started using EN to keep track of things I want to buy but I was wondering if there was a way to keep track of the coupons that I have? Any input would be great. Thanks Shannon
  3. As far as tagging goes it depends on they type of craft and how I want to keep track of it. I have a stack for scrapbooking, one for printables on the web, and one for other crafts like quilting and sewing. For my cross stitch stuff it is all in one notebook and tagged by category like Americana, angels, flowers, christmas, etc. In my scrapbooking stack I have notebooks for page ideas, project life, quotes, and sketches. The page ideas and sketches are tagged by the number of photos in the layouts. There is no right or wrong way to go about using evernote. You just have to do what works for you.
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