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  1. Noticed a new issue: Pasting URLs from Alfred's clipboard history doesn't automatically convert it to a hyperlink. Previously it would. To reproduce: Copy a URL from the Chrome location bar Paste into a new note (this will automatically hyperlink) Open Alfred's clipboard history window Select the same link to paste (this will not automatically hyperlink)Could it be that the initial copy from Chrome is rich text while the paste from Alfred is plain text?
  2. When editing a link, it's inserting the URL into the middle of the text Create a link from highlighted text Move the cursor into the middle of the text (don't highlight it) Press apple + k to edit the link Press OKExpected: The link to update and not change the text Saw: The new link is inserted into the middle of the text If I highlight the link text and then edit it, it doesn't insert the new link into the link text.
  3. With beta #2, I pasting lists no longer includes list markers 1. Create a note with a list 2. Copy the content of the note 3. Paste into a plain text text editor (i.e. Sublime Text) Expected: This is a list * A * B * CSaw: This is a listABC
  4. Did the margin between lists and paragraphs change? They seem closer together and now my notes look cramped.
  5. Is it possible that you were holding down the command key while you selected the text? In the Beta, command-drag applies highlighting in the same way it does in iBooks. After playing around, that's most likely what's happening.
  6. I can't figure out how to reproduce it, but when editing a note and using a keyboard shortcut the selected text will have the "Highlight" formatting applied to it. I've seen it twice now: once when copying text and another when applying the bold style.
  7. I'm running the beta: http://note.io/1jSkkLh When I run this AppleScript to create a note, it inserts a `(null)` string into the note: http://note.io/1jSkH8r Here's the AppleScript I'm running: https://gist.github.com/dasevilla/9d7a292d0f3184a4c935
  8. I have a 'list' tag and a saved search for that tag so I can quickly find all my lists.
  9. I tag my recipes with main ingredients (beef, chicken, pasta, etc.), cooking method (braise, bake, fry, etc.), and cook time (quick or slow). This lets me easily find my recipes for quick fried chicken or slow beef stews.
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