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  1. Well .. I took a break from Evernote and returned hoping that I might be able to finally use more than one Premium account, at the same time on my iOS device. 

    No luck!  Evernote for iOS still only supports a single Premium account logged in at a time .. 

    What is it going to take?  

    -  OneNote, Twitter, and many other apps do it because they know it means people are paying for MORE THAN ONE account, and they want to support that. 

    EVERNOTE TEAM .. PLEASE ALLOW ME TO ACCESS >1 Premium account at the same time on my iOS device.    I'm willing to live with storage and other limitations !!


  2. Okay .. I stand by what I said.   "I want to access both my Business and Personal accounts.   Both of these are actually 'Premium Accounts' so this does nothing for me. "

    Note that BOTH accounts are separate Premium accounts.   I pay for one Premium account for my work stuff, and another Premium account for my personal stuff. 

    So my Feature Request remains open.  Evernote 8.0 does not offer a fix for me .. and I suspect many others. 



  3. @RCMears - I'm not sure that's true.  Looking at Evernote 7.11, released on Feb. 23, 2016, there is no capability to login to more than one account at a time. 

    What leads you to believe this request has been satisfied?  What am I missing?

    Unless I'm mistaken, we are all still waiting for Evernote to deliver this feature request to the iOS version of the Evernote apps. 

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