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  1. @Guru, yes right. Only happens when I go tot full screen on a note (what I do most: distractions :-) )
  2. What’s going or am I doing wrong? I start a new note I write the note I close the note (red little bullit on the left side of the screen). And then: - I’m not going back to evernote main screen but - I get a completely black screen. Only with (on Mac) option/alt + command + n I get the evernote main screen back. I directly want 'my mainscreen' back. Suggestions? Thank you for your help
  3. When I push the + button on the iPhone 6 still.... nothing happens. I paid for Evernote, i use it for Work. Why, Evernote, the last years you let loyal users lost confidence in you?
  4. Hello, mostly I use evernote for making notes. But for note-taking the evernote - layout is terrible. The new note-app bear-writer (buy it evernote!) looks very good for making notes. Does anybody knows of it is possible (and how :-) ) to sync a note in the bear-app to an new note in evernote? Thank you!
  5. Same problem... Downloading again doesn't work here. Maybe someday Evernote can provide an update without days of bugs...
  6. Sorry, evernote. I agree with Bushwhacker. It simply doesn't work well.
  7. I agree with Tocath. Today I am working a lot on my ipad. But the screen for editing and typing on the ipad is to small. It isn't pretty to work with. And - another suggestion - make the keyboard better please. See the Ipad-app Kwrite, so you can type (and work) faster. Greetings form Amsterdam, Niek
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