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  1. @Guru, yes right. Only happens when I go tot full screen on a note (what I do most: distractions :-) )
  2. What’s going or am I doing wrong? I start a new note I write the note I close the note (red little bullit on the left side of the screen). And then: - I’m not going back to evernote main screen but - I get a completely black screen. Only with (on Mac) option/alt + command + n I get the evernote main screen back. I directly want 'my mainscreen' back. Suggestions? Thank you for your help
  3. When I push the + button on the iPhone 6 still.... nothing happens. I paid for Evernote, i use it for Work. Why, Evernote, the last years you let loyal users lost confidence in you?
  4. Hello, mostly I use evernote for making notes. But for note-taking the evernote - layout is terrible. The new note-app bear-writer (buy it evernote!) looks very good for making notes. Does anybody knows of it is possible (and how :-) ) to sync a note in the bear-app to an new note in evernote? Thank you!
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