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  1. Are you using the Evernote clipper or an app like skitch? If you're using skitch then you could just lower the quality of the jpg if that's the file type you prefer.

    You could also make an automator workflow that would shrink any images that enter a specific folder (or have it be a service, etc).

    I have a workflow template I could give you, however, that only helps if you're not using the Evernote screenshot - if you are using that (so it directly goes in a note) I can't think of anything you can do besides lower your resolution (which would be lame).

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  2. So my routine is: "scan -> pdf -> evernote". I (perhaps wrongly) assume that Evernote takes care of the OCR as it brings the documents from the folder to Evernote.

    Am I wrong??


    You're not "wrong" just different.

    OCR via evernote only works for premium users (which I've assumed that Grumpy Monkey is). However, not all people like the way evernote ocr's it's pdfs. Personally, I've downloaded the ocr version of pdf's I put in evernote to and I don't like it very much so if I have time I try to ocr it before I put it in evernote - though if I don't, it will do it on it's own (again, only if you have premium).

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