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  1. Printing is completely broken. I have hundreds of notes that are attached PDFs and they won't print right. They don't scale to the page, they are cut off and go two pages wide. And there's not print preview to see what's going to happen before you waste paper. It's a complete mess.
  2. If you simplify the formatting, which I usually do, the web clip frame disappears. Or if you manually put in a link. I know that the info is buried and you can get to it. I liked it when the link was right in the interface.
  3. In the legacy version, when you clipped data from a website, the source would be recorded in a hyperlink. Or you can manually add one. I know that the data is still there, but instead of a nice convenient link at the top of the page, you have to dive into an alternate menu of info with several clicks. I really like the convenience of having that link available and prominent. I do use it to go back to the source. I'd like to see that link back in the frame somewhere.
  4. It actually didn't ask, I installed from the Microsoft Store. Maybe that's different.
  5. I'm confused...I don't have an Evernote folder at that path location after installing the new app.
  6. From what I'm reading, there are some huge issues with Evernote 10 that sounds like problems to me. I won't rehash them here, but I wanted to know... Can I run v10 along with my current Windows (6.25.1) version? How does the new version save the note files locally? Is it different? Will the new one ***** up the legacy version? My note file on my PC is 4.7GB...will that get duplicated or moved or altered in some way that I can't get back?
  7. Lack of Android printing is one of the biggest reasons I stopped subscribing. Not having that is a HUGE pain. If they ever add it, I may consider paying again.
  8. Yeah, that's the Classic. Still the best and most functional web version. Every time I try the "new" version, within minutes I run away screaming, it's so bad. I've noticed the same issue where only the first x notes appear, and then the list is blank. I really wish they would fix this.
  9. I tried the new interface again to see if it's any better, and I still hate it. I hate the animating sliding tool bars. I hate that I can't have 2 left sidebars open...one to show the notebook list, and another to show the note list of the selected notebook. I hate the side bars sliding in and out. I hate that I can't see the borders of the notes, it just ends somewhere in whitespace around the edges. There is just so much wrong with it, I feel like it needs to go back to the drawing board. As a long time premium member, I fear that the classic interface may go away, and that would make me a f
  10. So this is a beta inside the beta? Very confusing. I wish the functionality would come to the old version of the web page, which I still use. The beta is a mess of odd animations, unintuitive tool placements, harsh color highlights, invisible margins, and too much white space. I tried it again to see the new integration, but I couldn't even figure out how to view a pdf inline like you can on the old web site.
  11. Awesome step, but I would rather have support for Google Authenticator. Would be awesomer.
  12. True, you have to come up with something that works for you. In this case, with stamp sets each having 4 or 5 or sometimes even a dozen keywords, making tags for them would have resulted in something like 500 tags. That's just overwhelming and not useful. With the keywords in the note, you just select the Stamp Set notebook (to limit the search to Stamp sets) and then type the keyword you're looking for in the search box....like "frog" or "snowflake" or "car" or "flower" , etc...and it returns exactly what you need.
  13. I'm curious... one of my biggest challenges has been figuring out how to fit tagging into my crafty projects/notebooks (How do I keep from having a million different tags?). Do you also use tags or simply rely on the note copy for finding things? In this case, I don't use tags. The note is an image, followed by all the terms in text that I could think of that I would want a search to find. It would be too easy to create an unwieldy number of tags, and it's actually a lot slower to add many tags to one note. It's also slower to find and select a tag than to just type a word in search.
  14. My wife is into card making...the kind where you use stamp sets, and cut patterns and emboss and created textures, etc. It's pretty detailed stuff. She has about 100 stamp sets, each may have 3 or 4 or even 10 individual stamps, and it's hard to keep track of what she's got and what to pick for a new project. So I set her up with Evernote, and took pictures of each of her stamp sets and titled the notes with the name of the set. Now she can browse her sets visually, and easily see which set has a stamp that she wants to use, making it easier and faster to find what she wants. And after creati
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