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  1. The question wasn't really about readability but more about why the image can't be expanded in EN.
  2. Evernote for Mac 7.14 Evernote for iPad (most current version available from iPad updates) iPadOS 14.2 beta MacOS catalina 10.15.7 iMac I did a screen shot on my iPad and sent it to Evernote. When I open Evernote for Mac, the .PNG is too small to read and it can't be enlarged. On the list view pane, I do see the green bars and grab square but I can only shrink it. When I open the note, I can't enlarge or shrink it. See attached. Top image in list viewing pane and bottom image with note opened to screen.
  3. I spent an hour on the phone with help this week but haven't resolved this: When I share a notebook and send a sharing invitation to a colleague, some receive the invitation and some do not. I have two colleagues who use Gmail/Gsuite who did not received the invitation. When I was on the phone with Evernote Help, I shared a folder with the agent and he did receive it. Here's what I know so far: It doesn't matter whether I share from my EN for Mac app or from EN on the web. The sharing panel shows that the invitations were sent. No problem there. I am "lucky" en
  4. I have not been able to save articles and other web stories from several apps including Wall Street Journal. When I tap the "box-with-up-arrow" icon, I get the Evernote icon in the top row. When I tap that, the dialog box with choices to Save or Cancel comes up. But after tapping Save, I just get an endless time-out spinning circle that never completes the save. Save seems to work in Safari and it may work in Wall St Journal if I access Evernote through its app just before trying to Save. iPad Air, iOS 9.1, Evernote Premium--and the Evernote App seems to be working fine. Reboot=no differe
  5. I thought scannable could output as a JPEG as well as a PDF. I have the latest version and now there's only image output seems to consistently be a 72 dpi PNG file. I don't see any switch in settings to choose JPEG instead. What happened here?
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