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  1. Its seems stacks are displayed. For example, I have a stack called Entrepreneurship. There are notes/notebooks within it. I see Entrepreneurship when I select a default notebook. I'm really after a notebook in the Entrepreneurship stack called Resources. I also see this one and can select it for the default. When selecting a default notebook, everything is flat so it is difficult to tell which stack a notebook is coming from. Or, does every notebook have to be uniquely named?
  2. It isn't letting me drill down into the stack. All of the stack (or root) notebooks display from your screenshot. Once I click a stack, that's as far as I can go. I can't get to a notebook within the stack. Do you have some suggestions?
  3. Terminology. When you click a stack, it shows all the notes in it. Either way, to revise the question, is there a way to default the iPad to a notebook within a stack?
  4. On the iPad, when I select to send a webpage and choose Evernote, how do I set a default, nested notebook for the webpage note to be created in? Currently, it seems to only allow for a top node notebook.
  5. There is no fix and Evernote doesn't care because we are all free moochers.
  6. When I start Skitch on my Macbook Pro, there's always a popup about I have reached my quota. I only have 4.5MB out of 60MB used. If I sign out and back in, it works fine and the correct quota is displayed. But the problem always comes back. From other posts about this problem, the solution from Evernote is simply to ignore the problem. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  7. Hi @kgg. I just submitted a ticket: 1360779. By the way, the forum doesn't send emails when there are replies. Even though I have notify turned on. Thanks, Brett
  8. Evernote also shows 99% used. How do I submit an activity log. There just a text box in the support form.
  9. Every month, I immediately reach the 60MB limit with Skitch, although I haven't uploaded anything. I also can't send any emails to Evernote for the same reason. Although I haven't ever sent the first email. Does anyone know why this happens?
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