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  1. I have installed evernote premium on my mobile. My mobile device has 4 GB internal memory, All the internal memory of my mobile is consumed and my mobile phone stops to function. To release space i have to uninstall evernote, and this releases 1.5 GB space. I have the following question: Q. Is there any way evernote installs and saves it's notes on my 32 GB external memory? As you can see evernote has taken almost 500 MB of size which is quite large. The Red box in the attached picture shows data (space) consumed : 429 MB in two days today it is showing me data (space) consumed: 439 MB. 10 MB of more space consumed in two days. Looks like my Evernote is space hungry! All my notesbooks are online only one notebook is offline which contains only text- no pictures, videoes or sound files, so why does evernote take so much space? My mobile phone is left with only 300 MB space, and many application do not function. Also, i tried to use evernote support a few years before, but i found evernote support followup is bad, and usually the question remains unanswered and the problem persists. Hope evernote support experience is better by now. I'll hope for the best. In two days space consumed :
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