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  1. Hi snsokstan, Scannable outputs a JPG or PNG when it outputs an 'image'. It dynamically switches between the two options (PNG or JPG) based on the image content. Scannable uses a custom lossy PNG compression scheme and color palette minimizer that results is better looking (sharper) with lower file sizes. In practice, this means your typical black-print-on-white paper document, perhaps with a colored title, taken on iPhone 6, will be in the 200-400k size, with no fuzzy JPG compression around the text letters. A JPG with similar quality is typically 600-800k range and will have blurrier looking text. If the results are larger in filesize than they would be for JPG, or unable to authentically reproduce the colors in the document, Scannable uses the JPG format. The number of pixels remains unchanged between JPG and PNG. The reason for doing this is a) smaller filesizes sharper looking documents c) faster uploads This also applies to PDF, where Scannable embeds a PNG instead of JPG on each page. Having said all this, we'd love to know if you need a JPG file specifically for a technical reason (For example another app or web service that can only accepts JPGs) or weren't happy with the technical quality of the images? Could you describe your use case a little?
  2. There is no plans to support the ix500 at this time, but there is an app from PFU which enables wireless scanning to your phone. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/scansnap-connect-application/id464728181?mt=8 @NTJ —when a ScanSnap is connected via USB it will always override all WiFi connections.
  3. Thanks for the input rafibryl. 1. Better handling of bulk scanning like this is being investigated. 2. We'll see what we can do. Are you able to to share one of the receipts that always turns upside down? 3. This is something we're working on too.. we realise its a problem. Thanks for using Scannable.. we're working to keep improving it.
  4. Hi rafibryl I'm sorry about your experience. Your experience seems like a bug that's affecting some users; the bug results in a false notification that appears on new uploads. And unfortunately once you get in that state, it's stuck—which I realise is super annoying. The workaround is to delete and reinstall Scannable. We plan to have a fix for this in the next update.
  5. If Scannable detects and 'cuts out' the card correctly, then it will do its best to extract any business card info it can. So, if a business card hasn't obviously been cut out incorrectly (a slice missing) then telling Scannable to 'treat as business card' won't be able to help, unfortunately. Tips for best OCR/business card detection: When scanning, try to keep the card neatly inside the phone screen, so the edges of the card touch the edges of your screen. Try to scan in good lighting, and watch out for reflections which might be obscuring the details. And if you have examples that aren't working that you're happy to share, we'd love to see those, to improve.
  6. Thanks for the feedback Simon. Would you expect/want each single page to be a PDF or an image file?
  7. Hi Travis In regards to confidentiality, I'll say I'm no lawyer and can offer no legal advice. I can talk about the document flow from a technical standpoint, as the application is today. There are 2 cases where the document is sent to external servers. Both cases require the user to be signed in to Evernote in the Scannable application. You can check sign-in status in Settings. The first is where the user has signed in: and has Evernote auto-save turned on, or explicitly sends the document to an Evernote notebook. In these cases the document is sent to Evernote servers into the users account, and the blue 'success' screen appears. The second case also requires the user to be signed into an Evernote account. This scenario is one where the document is deemed by the application to be a business card, based on data including aspect ratio and size. In this case, this image is sent to Evernote servers for processing, so that Evernote can can provide high quality OCR of the business card details. In some cases, the Evernote server will use the results to say that in fact the object was not a business card. If business card details are found, and IF the user has additionally signed into LinkedIn, then some of this information is sent to LinkedIn for the purpose of looking up the business card owners LinkedIn account. Evernote's Terms of Service are here: https://evernote.com/legal/tos.php You may notice Scannable automatically corrects documents orientation based on text. This OCR is done inside the application and is not sending the document to a server. I hope that helps.
  8. Search within Scanned PDFs is a Premium only feature. Scannable makes PDFs for multiple-page scans, by default. You can change this in settings. Please refer to https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23258452 And some more on the PDF search functionality itself: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23169032
  9. Yeah, this one's a bit embarrassing. Fixed in next release.. for now please leave it off, and you can avoid the issue. Sorry.
  10. Unfortunately, and very unusually, this crash is not producing a log event, which indicates it may be a problem we're not in control of. However, the more we understand it, the more we may be able to find a workaround and help provide feedback. I realise this is very frustrating and appreciate everyone's help.
  11. Can I ask everyone on this thread: What size phone (i.e., 128GB) are you using?
  12. Scannable automatically rotates pages if it sees text in a language it recognizes. In some cases, handwriting is correctly recognised, but not always. There's no 'trick' to make it work better, and it's something we continue to improve. Are you pages 'portrait' or are they 'landscape'?
  13. klang

    Find Scanner

    Evernote doesn't tend to talk about future products, so not much I can say. I can say that in many cases there are apps available for various scanners from various brands already. For example, the ix500 does work with the ScanSnap iOS app which you can find on the app store here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/scansnap-connect-application/id464728181?mt=8 We are listening to all feedback, and appreciate it.
  14. All the iCloud functionality is all provided by iOS... but we're interested to know if it does save to the root directory for you? We'll take a look and see if there's anything we could possibly do differently, but it seems not.
  15. klang

    Find Scanner

    Scannable currently only connects with the ScanSnap Evernote Edition (the one with the green button) because it uses different firmware.
  16. Thanks for all the info everyone. The bug hunt continues…
  17. Hi all I feel like I'm Sherlock Holmes working on this one. When we think we've got a lead on the issue, it turns out to go nowhere. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the crash not producing any crash logs, its impossible to trace. Want to help? Scannable crashing on your phone 6+? I have some questions: After it crashes, does the iOS Camera.app also crash if you try to launch it and take a picture? Do you game a lot on your phone? Do you use any image editing apps? Or anything 'graphics-heavy'? Does your phone have much storage left on it? If you reboot your phone, does Scannable now work? Is is this a permanent fix for you? Anything else come to mind that might make your iPhone special?I really appreciate all your help and patience with this issue.
  18. That's all very helpful, thanks. As a note, if you do tap on the title the document (where it says 'Scannable document') you'll be able to rename it, and this name will be used for the filename, email subject, and so forth.
  19. Scannable uses a combination of things including input from the camera, accelerometer and when it thinks it 'sees' a document with enough confidence to take the shot. We appreciate the feedback and will keep tweaking
  20. Scannable do some complex (but currently subtle) de-warping to 'flatten' pages (beyond just correcting perspective) and we're always working to turn those folded and crumpled pieces of paper into something nicer. I'd love to see photos of any particularly tricky pieces of paper?
  21. klang

    Scannable to fax number?

    Thanks for the feedback, all. It all helps!
  22. That sounds like something we should default to business address. We'll see what can be done. Thanks for the feedback.
  23. Some clarifications: Currently Evernote iOS does not support search-within-PDF if the PDF is an image-based PDF, like the ones Scannable produces. I'll forward this chat to that team. However searches across all your documents will find a PDF from Scannable if it contains a word that OCR has detected. For example in this case, if you search for Volkswagen, even if this *only* appears in the PDF image, then this will currently be found. Note that this OCR can take some time, because it's done on the server. It's typical to get back results in minutes for PDFs of a few pages.
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