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  1. Hi All, The new update of Evernote for Android, version 4.0 is now available on the store. Thanks to all the beta testers who helped us find a lot of issues and polish the user experience. For more details: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evernote Please post here any feedback / issues you may have with this update. We still have some bug fixing to do, but hopefully nothing too severe. Please send us your logs, and possibly screenshots for UI issues. We will need it to fix most of the problems. Enjoy this new release! Thanks again.
  2. @seanyaaron, unfortunately, I cannot provide ETA about features. The main reason is that priorities can move, and we don't want our users to be disappointed if something needs to be pushed back. @mshparber, thanks for the feedback, we believe that the issue may be related to the indexation. That's maybe why it worked after restart. It should be fixed very soon. Happy to hear that you like the new style.
  3. Thank you all for the feedback. We are working on the 2 reported issues concerning the widget and the note loading performance. We will also make the note list more compact.
  4. Hi All, Here is a new update with various fixes and UI improvements. We should be now almost ready for a release on Google Play. As usual, your feedback is very welcome. Please report any crash / major issue you may have and send your logs if that happens to you. Here are the links to download: http://s.evernote.com/androidpreview http://s.evernote.com/widgetpreview Here is the list of all the main changes in 4.0: - Places category groups your notes by city, state and country - Unified notebook list displaying standard and shared notebooks - Sliding tabs to navigate across the different categories in a swipe - Quota and subscription status from the home screen account menu - Home screen redesign and new navigation - Action bar on notebook list, tag list, all notes and note view for quick access to more options - Intuitive full screen mode switching when reading a note. - Ice Cream Sandwich inspired look and feel and user experience Thank you.
  5. As a free user, you can still create and edit the notes recently opened on your device. The offline sync is useful if you use also another client (Evernote desktop for instance)
  6. @Mary F, what do you think about creating a note with the 2 snapshots inside? From the homescreen (or widget) create a new snapshot, take the first face. When validated, tap the snapshot button in the note editor and take the other face.
  7. You cannot delete a notebook on Android for the moment. This is a know limitation mainly because we don't have any recovery mechanism implemented yet. I would suggest to use the desktop client for this kind of operation.
  8. @kitezh, thanks for reporting this problem. Have you opened a support ticket? Is is accessible in the app in settings / support. That would help us get the necessary info to investigate further. Thanks.
  9. Hi Nils, thanks for reporting this issue. Could I ask you in which country you are and if you get a similar issue with other apps? Could you also open a customer support ticket so we can get the necessary info to investigate further: from the app, go to settings, support, submit a ticket. Thanks.
  10. Owyn is right. It is also worth noticing that as a free user, you can still share a notebook with somebody else in read only access.
  11. @debrajeanne: You can indeed encrypt the content of a note to protect it with a password. You will need the desktop client (mac or PC) to encrypt, decrypting only is supported on Android for the moment. There is also a premium feature called Pin Lock which protect the app with a Pin.
  12. Thanks for reporting this issue. That sounds like a bug indeed. Could you please reproduce the problem and send us your logs? Here are the steps:
  13. Thanks for the feedback, I agree with your suggestion. We will have a look at it.
  14. That's correct, you cannot configure a stack for offline storage, only individual notebooks. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  15. @Jaspet, thanks for reporting this problem. Could you please reproduce your problem and then send us your logs so we can investigate the issue. Here are the instructions:
  16. This feature is on our list as well as several improvements of the tablet version of Evernote. Thanks for the feedback.
  17. @Vogelap, @Erzatv, thanks for reporting those issues. If that's not already done, would you please send your logs and add "slow sync" in the title: Thanks.
  18. You can create a shortcut to a note. Long tap the note on the note list, then select create shortcut.
  19. We released yesterday a new APK to fix another issue, and apparently it fixes also the "invalid package" issue. You may want to try the download again today.
  20. You may try to follow those steps that I found on this website http://www.android-advice.com/2012/fix-android-market-package-file-is-invalid/ Fix the Google Android Market (“Package File is Invalid”): Make sure Android Automatic Restore is turned off (Settings -> Privacy) Go to “Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications Tap to show “All” Applications Scroll down to the Market App and tap it Tap “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” Click “Uninstall Updates” Exit everything and reboot your device Your Error should now be fixed It is an Android Market issue. Please let me know if that fixes your problem.
  21. Hi All, We are still investigating this case. So far, we don't have any solution, only assumptions. Our best guess is that it may be network related. Could you let me know if that happens when you download the update over 3g only, or also over wifi? Thank you.
  22. Hi All, the new update of Evernote and Evernote Widget for Android v3.6 are live now on the Android Market. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evernote New in these releases: Evernote updates - New: Audio notes with speech to text transcription - Note list improvements, including larger thumbnails - Added ability to turn off auto-titling in app Settings - Adds "Explore Evernote" feature discovery on tablet devices - Improved legibility of the Settings screen Major Evernote Widget updates - New functions: quick snapshots and speech to text - Display specific notebooks, tags and saved searches in large widget - Configure which buttons appear in the widget - New 1x1 single-function widget can be placed anywhere - Choose widget theme: Classic green or Dark - Improved look and feel of the note list Some users have reported an "Invalid Package" issue. If that happens to you, please let us know. Thank you.
  23. In the meantime, there is probably an option on the desktop client you are probably using to add as attachment and not inline. The note would remain fully edit-able.
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