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  1. @mrossk, @GollyJer, The data loss, is indeed a separate issue. Let me rephrase how you get this problem so I can get a clear idea of the issue: 1 - open from within the app, a note with some unsupported formatting. > the note view displayed an update version of the note > what specific formatting do you usually use? 2 - tap edit > the note opens in edit mode, the content is updated 3 - select a section of the note to edit > the content appears at the bottom for editing > what specific content do you usually edit? 4 - tap done at the bottom to validate this change > the content is updated in the note, the editing dialog is closed 5 - repeat this operation with different part of the note > how many parts do you usually edit? > do you observe that the content is updated each time? 6 - tap done in the note editor to send all your changes > the editor closes, a note uploaded notification appear. 7 - reopen the edited note in view mode > the changes don't appear Please tell me also if you have reported this problem to customer support so I can collect the technical informations. Thank you.
  2. As we add more editing capabilities, every formatting will be supported. We try to start with the most popular one, however it is more challenging to implement a text editor on a phone device than on a desktop, or web. One precision about attachements, this is a tricky one. In line attachements are not supported yet on Android. However standard attachments are. So, the way you attach a file is important. On mac, I usually select the attachement icon and select the file I want to attach. If you drag and drop the file inside the note, it will add it inline and this formatting is not supported.
  3. Thanks for reporting this problem. Have you opened a ticket about this issue by any chance? Our customer support would help us collect the logs and any technical information we need to investigate any problem.
  4. Thanks for reporting this issue. That sounds like a problem with this particular device.
  5. Hi all, This is unfortunately a recurring problem with Google Play. We have published a new update, that usually fixes the problem. I hope you'll be able to download it now.
  6. We focused on tablet this time, however, we did fix some issues including the note link problem indeed. Also, we added the sublists to indent bullet and number list, and also being able to fully edit any note created on desktop that would have such styling.
  7. Hi All, The new update of Evernote for Android is now live on the market. Feel free to post here your feedback about this version and the new features: Major Android tablet enhancements! - Completely new tablet look and feel New home screen lets you create and find your notes easily Redesigned note list for improved reading and browsing - Swipe navigation on tablets Swipe right to jump to the home screen from a note or note list Swipe note list to show it in full-screen - Space-saving List View on tablets See more notes on a single screen with this new compact view Phone and tablet improvements: - Create sublists Add levels to your lists by tapping the arrows in the formatting bar when the cursor is in an existing list - Better slideshows Improved slideshow experience when you tap on an image inside a note More on the blog post.
  8. That's a known issue and I would like to work on it when we improve the whole snapshot experience. Stay tuned.
  9. Hi, Adding picture inline is not supported for the moment on Android. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion, this is on my list.
  11. @OrganisedSid, Thanks for the feedback, we will do a round of performance testing next week and compare the current version with the 3.0 version. Different factors can impact the performance, but it looks like you've checked most of them already (flaky wifi, low device memory...).
  12. Thanks for reporting this problem. I've asked our translation team to have a look at it.
  13. There is no option to copy a note for the moment. You will need to copy past the content or maybe create a bunch of copies on desktop for the moment. I have this feature request on my list along with note templates. Thanks for the feedback.
  14. Happy to hear that. Editing indented lists should be available shortly in beta indeed.
  15. Hi all, This problem was reported on the beta thread and we are looking at that now. This seem to happen on the Xoom tablet only.
  16. @vogelap, thanks for the feedback and suggestions, that's noted. The premium user icon should be a shield for premium users. I agree in saying it is not really "shinny".
  17. That's a current limitation on the Android app. The main reason is that there is no trash can in the app. Thus it is not possible to retrieve the deleted information if that was done by mistake.
  18. In the notebook list, for each notebook there is a grey triangle next to the note count. You can tap this area to bring up more options for the notebook.
  19. There is a separate app to support the different Evernote widgets. Are you using this app available here? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evernote.widget&hl=en
  20. Hi all, We've updated Evernote for Android yesterday, and I believe this should also help you get the new update if you had the "invalid package" problem. Please try to update again and let me know if that works. Thank you.
  21. Hi All, The application installs correctly for most users, including users with those devices. We've already had similar problem in the past, here were the steps I recommended to fix the problem, please let me know if that works for you. @Chris Lim, apparently you followed some similar steps on your end, I am investigating further to find other work around. We want to publish a new update as soon as possible. Last time, it enabled all devices to re-init the installation. http://www.android-a...ile-is-invalid/ Fix the Google Android Market (“Package File is Invalid”): Make sure Android Automatic Restore is turned off (Settings -> Privacy) Go to “Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications Tap to show “All” Applications Scroll down to the Market App and tap it Tap “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” Click “Uninstall Updates” Exit everything and reboot your device Your Error should now be fixed
  22. Jefito is right, my list is very (very) long and some of the features I report will probably never be implemented. However, it turns out that the list view on tablet is coming soon. It should be available in the next beta release for Evernote 4.1. Stay tuned!
  23. Some other users reported this problem. We had a few months ago a similar problem, most likely due to a problem with Google Play. We will release a new update very shortly, hoping that it will enable you to download the update.
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