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  1. ‎Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere (couldn't find it if it has) but are there any plans to enable landscape mode for the BlackBerry 10 evernote app? I have recently discovered that typing with the Z30 in landscape is an absolute pleasure but that you can't do that in Evernote. Would be a great addition and (although my coding skills are nonexistent) shouldn't be that difficult to implement?


    Hi there, 


    This is on our backlog indeed. 

    It probably impacts less engineering than design (a lot more specs to be produced) and QA (a lot more configuration to be tested). 

  2. Thanks Metroside. 


    So that's mainly about reducing the sync and keep it fast. 

    Asking this since there are maybe different solutions. For instance syncing more aggressively "active" notebooks (what you recently visited) and more passively "passive" ones. 

    Maintaining the list of synced / unsynced notebooks may not be easy. 

  3. Hi Allwi, 


    I can't share a full roadmap since this keeps changing and can be frustrating.

    We basically only plan the next 2 months of work and since shared notebooks is almost done, we'll define what comes next in a few days. 

    I can tell you that adding files in the attachment picker is actually being estimated right now and will be considered for the next release. 

    I'll give the heads up in the forum when/if we start developing it and when it's ready in beta. 




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  4. Hi Xdelplanque


    Some more feedback when using photos in notes:


    • The ability to resize a photo, not just on the Blackberry App, but on the windows desktop version.
    • I like the way you can annotate the photos on the desktop version. Would be great if you could do the same within the app, although I appreciate that it would likely have less options/features to the desktop version if implemented.

    Any idea as to when the next beta release is due? Still have not experienced any bugs whatsoever on my Passport, now running 10.3.1 OS - which is nice for a beta.


    Thanks for the suggestion Jimmy, we'll have a look at that. 

    Please note that we're currently focusing on improving the new things in the beta. 

    The new beta should be ready sometime next week. 

  5. Hi there, 


    Thanks for the feedback, although it is not necessary to be sarcastic.

    It makes it unpleasant to share with the team, although the content is relevant. 


    The team has been entirely rewriting the WinTouch and the WinPhone apps as a universal app since July, and this has prevented us to ship any other update second half of last year.


    Unfortunately, the new WinPhone version won't be publicly available soon. We ran into issues on the OS that need first to be addressed and that makes it hard to edit notes. We may deliver an alpha in the coming weeks. 


    I can confirm that improving the performance is on top of our priority and the team is currently working on it. 

  6. Hi Evernote Team,


    First of all, thanks for bringing / keeping-available this convenient & good software for users. I love it because it is available on almost all platforms.


    But I have couple of points to request / feedback / complaint:

    1) Why Evernote reminder doesn't work on BlackBerry 10 OS?

    2) I had a small to-do list having 7 to 9 items, each having a tick-mark feature. I kept blank lines inbetween few items when I created this note / list on Evernote over my Windows OS Laptop. Now when I try to edit this note / list from my BlackBerry 10 device, it does not allow me to reach any text / item below blank line separator. Why so?

    3) On my Windows OS Laptop, I see evernote sync notification keeps coming every couple of minutes even when application is closed already.


    1 - Reminders is not available yet on BB10.

    We still have a lot of catchup to do with a smaller team and other apps moving fast.

    That's on our wish list though.


    2 - I don't know, we'll have a look at that. It may be a bug. 


    3 - I believe that the app still syncs in the background to get the latest notes you (or people you work with) created somewhere else. You should be able to configure this in the app preferences. 



  7. I have installed the beta.  When I first open the app I could see my Shared Notes (and other notes).  Subsequent to the first opening whenever I try to reopen the app I get an error "An unexpected error occured while attempting to sunc your notes".  I can see from the note list that none of my notes (shared or otherwise) have synced since the first time the app was installed.  I have deleted the app and reinstalled it and exactly the same thing occurs -- syncs when first opening and then nothing after that.


    Thanks DK2000 for reporting this problem! 

    Did you report your lags by any chance? This may help our team find out what is blocking the sync. 

    I'll ask our team to reach out to you directly. 

  8. Was wondering as part of the final release if it the functionality will be build into the app to select individual shared notebooks you want or don't want to sync, rather than sync all shared notebooks or none at all?


    Hi Metroside, 


    That's not part of the MVP as of now. 

    Are you having any kind of memory or sync issue? 

  9. Thanks Jimmy, 


    That's the right place to post if you want to interact with our team. 

    We're working on the read/write support, so it should be available soon. 


    Thanks for the other suggestions! It's added in our list. 


    Hi No idea where to post feedback for this beta as one site says do it here and somewhere else it says leave it on the beta zone thread? Anyway I've had a go on it today at work (using BlackBerry Passport) and so far so good. No bugs or crashes and shared notes show up as expected, minus the limitations you have already mentioned. The ability to edit these notes is a must though. Would be nice if you could set permissions for read only etc in upcoming beta. Some ideas for future versions: Please add work chat, it's such a good feature on the desktop version! Please add the ability to add Pdf, word and excel documents within the note like you can on the desktop version. Hub integration for notes that have been shared to you, recently edited by another individual etc. If you ever do add work chat, hub integration for that would also be great. So far so good though.


  10. Hi folks,
    Our team is currently adding access to notebooks shared with you on the Blackberry app.
    In this first beta (version, you’ll be able to read all notebooks shared with you:
    - Your notebook list now contains all notebooks shared with you.
    - You have full read access to the content of those notebooks.
    - Those notebooks should sync so you get the latest content.
    - Initial, sync time will be increased, because in addition to syncing personal notes and notebooks, linked notebooks will be synced as well.
    - Notes in those notebooks won't include text snippets. This is WIP*.
    - You cannot edit the notebooks shared with you. This is WIP*.
    - You cannot search in notebooks shared with you. This is WIP*.
    - You cannot see tags from notes shared with you in your tag list. This is OOS*.
    *WIP: Work In Progress
    *OOS: Out Of Scope
    - Download the Blackberry Beta Zone app 
    - Sign-in and join the Evernote program
    - swipefrom the top, tap setting, customer support, send logs
    - then send the logs to our team by email:blackberry-beta@evernote.com
    - our engineering team may get in touch with you for more details
    Other feedback:
    - add your comment in the related beta thread. Our product team will regularly review your feedback and update our priorities.
    - please note that we won’t give ETA for any requests. We can however confirm that it’s taken into account and give the heads up when we start working on it. 




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