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  1. Thanks for the logs, we'll have a look at that. May be a technical constraint.
  2. I believe it should be able to display this, but we'll have a look. Could you please send us your logs so we get all the specifications about your phones: http://discussion.ev...gs-to-evernote/ Thanks.
  3. We have an issue with the option hiding the bottom action bar in note view in portrait when using the menu hardware button. As a result, the bottom action may disappear in note view. We are fixing it now and that should be live very soon.
  4. Thanks for reporting this problem, we are working on that right now so we can fix the problem as soon as possible. Your feedback is really useful, and helped us reproduce the problem. Thanks a lot!
  5. We have just delivered a patch release. The update will fix the sync issue.
  6. Also, here is a potential workaround you can test. Please tell us if that fixes your problem. Kill the app and start it again. If you're on ICS or higher you can just open your recent apps list and swipe it away.
  7. Hi Gaajiwaaih, Thanks for the feedback, could you possibly send us your logs so we can see what may be the problem here? http://discussion.ev...gs-to-evernote/
  8. Hi Folks, A new update of Evernote for Android v4.5 is now available on Google Play. It contains several bug fixes and improvement along with some other changes listed below. We are preparing some bigger features soon, so please stay tuned! NEW ACTION BAR We've been working on tweaking the navigation on phone so we get closer to the Android guidelines. You will notice that the action bar is now static at the top. We also moved the sorting and filtering options to the list category. 1 STEP REGISTRATION If you start the app on a phone without any Evernote registered email you would get an option to "Start Now" in 1 tap. GO PREMIUM Not really a strong customer facing feature, but we wanted to raise awareness about this option. Please let us now if the experience is not too disruptive. Please report here any issue / feedback you may have. You can also send us your logs, it can help us fix your problem: http://discussion.ev...gs-to-evernote/ Thank you. Xavier.
  9. We fixed this issue in the latest beta release. The problem was introduced with Jelly Bean. I will be available on Google Play soon.
  10. You can edit the note, tap the picture that should display in the drawer at the top of the note, and select delete.
  11. Multitag selection is available on the market. When a tag is selected, the tag list displays only the other tags associated with the first one. So, if there is no note with Tag A AND Tag B, selecting Tag A wouldn't display Tag B in the list.
  12. You can use Skitch, a separate app from Evernote. In the text editor, tap the "+" icon and select Skitch. That will add to the note a drawing.
  13. All styling are not editable on Android yet. Each platform (Android, Windows, iOS) provides a different level of support for text styling. That's not specific to Evernote, most of the text editing app won't provide exactly the same editing capabilities across platform. We hope to support more styles in the future.
  14. Thanks for the feedback, similar feature is on our wish list. In the meantime you can probably do something similar with the widget (separate app). https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evernote.widget&hl=en add a tag "todo" to the notes you want to add, and configure the widget so it displays the notes with "todo". The list is limited to 3 notes for now and you will need to edit the note to remove the todo tag.
  15. Hi All, Thanks for the feedback, this is on the roadmap.
  16. @Ashu, There are 2 ways to set notebooks offline. You can select it with the arrow on each notebook, and I agree that the UX is not great here. However, you can also select the offline icon from the notebook list (or "more" menu > offline notebook on tablet). From there you can select all and tap the done button. Would that solve your problem? Was the entry point not obvious to you?
  17. We currently flatten the stacks for the business notebooks. The UI design needed a bit of work to clearly separate the different kind of notebooks and avoid any confusion. A new update should be coming soon with stacks integrating every kind of notebooks.
  18. Not yet, but we are working at converging the 2 experiences. Stay tuned.
  19. Hi PeterWeb, The ability to access the notes offline is a premium feature (see offline notebooks) along with other improvement that makes the experience better. There is still a caching capability that enables free user to partially consult the note offline, but this is limited.
  20. Thanks for the feedback, I take it as a feature request.
  21. That's in the backlog. Thanks for the suggestion AdmiralP.
  22. Thanks for the suggestion. That could make sense, at least as an option since some may still want to open in Browser.
  23. Thanks for the feedback, we will see how we can improve this experience.
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