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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. We are currently working on something similar using notifications. It should be available in beta soon .
  2. Thanks for reporting this problem. We will have a look at it shortly.
  3. @robert, @tvn111, It seems that there is a problem on HTC wildfire. We are investigating now.
  4. Hi All, The problem is fixed in the latest update (5.0.2)! We could see some flashing phones around here too...
  5. @henrynurdin, Thanks for reporting this problem. Did you have a chance to send us the logs after it crashed? Those informations could help us find the cause. Here are the steps: if you experience any problem, please go to settings/support/ to send your logs to android-preview@evernote.com. That will send us the essential information we will need to investigate.
  6. Hi All, We are working on this issue and we will push on update very shortly. In the meantime you can use the default camera: - go to settings - select Note Creation - uncheck Activate Multishot camera Thanks!
  7. Hi Adam, We haven't received your logs, you may have sent them to Google actually. Could you possibly repro the problem and use this following steps to send your logs? if you experience any problem, please go to settings/support/ to send your logs to android-preview@evernote.com. That will send us the essential information we will need to investigate.
  8. We pushed a bug fix update that fixes the issues mentioned in my earlier post. The issue with some unsupported character in Caecilia is still pending. We should be able to fix it shortly.
  9. Thanks All, Here is a list of what should be fixed very shortly: Page camera: Flash still works although user sets the flash off 'operation failed' in smartnotebook settings Evernote 5.0 is not compatible with ARMv6 devices and before Note title cannot be updated The sync icon rotates in anti clockwise direction.
  10. Hi All, Thank you for your help. I reviewed your feedback, here are my answers: @Vance, could you please send us your logs (see original post) with "Scanning Issue" as title. Your phone configuration (camera lens, flash light…) can actually impact the feature. Please try also to take a picture of a document using a contrasted background to see if that changes something. @mdalves, @Denzel, @Justin Gregory We are looking at this issue as a high priority. Should be fixed soon. @rickhuizinga Could you possibly send us the logs (title "page resolution problem" and share a note with us so we can verify if the resolution is correct. This process needs to change the resolution to work, but we want to make sure that the document remains legible. @Jiangster It is difficult to please everyone when taking visual design decisions. We will see what we can do. @thanhhh, @Petr Kohutek We are working on it. We should deliver a fix very soon. We need to enrich this font type with additional characters. For some reasons the latest versions of Android don't fall back to a system font when some characters are not supported. @mrgoerend We haven't changed this feature in the latest update, so that may have been here before. Still, could you send us the logs (title: "bullet issue") and a link to a note so we can investigate a bit more? @Bartman001 Thanks for reporting this, we'll have a look at it shortly.
  11. Thanks All, We will verify the incompatibility problem. We will fix the flash bug. We are working on the Polish character problem and we could reproduce it. It just needs a bit of work since we need to enrich the current font type.
  12. Thanks, I am delighted to hear that you like it!
  13. Hi All, We are very excited to announce that Evernote for Android v5.0 is now live on Google Play. It adds some great features: Camera improvements > New: Multi-shot camera lets you take multiple photos without exiting the camera > New: Page Camera mode beautifully digitizes photos of physical documents and pages Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine! > Evernote for Android now works with the Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine > Order yours at http://evernote.com/moleskine New Premium feature: Document Search > Search in attached office documents, spreadsheets and presentations Shortcuts > New: Shortcuts let you jump to notes, notebooks and tags that you access frequently > Shortcuts sync to other Evernote platforms that support shortcuts Evernote Business > Filter notes by Business tags > Edit tags in a Business note And more > Refined look and feel with improved note lists and icons If you experience any problem, please go to settings/support/ to send your logs to android-preview@evernote.com. That will send us the essential information we will need to investigate. Thank you very much!
  14. Thanks, we received your information. It is reported on the backlog.
  15. Thanks for sharing! I've sent this feedback to our engineers. The next version should be even smoother, we've optimised some of the note list rendering.
  16. Thanks for reporting this problem. We will investigate. In the meantime, it could be useful to run the editor and send your logs so we get all the necessary information about your device. You can go to: Settings>support>send logs and send to android-preview <at> evernote.com You can use "cursor issue" as a title so we associate these with this problem.
  17. We have something similar on the backlog. Thanks for the feedback.
  18. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll note the issue (loading time and lag) and the solution you proposed.
  19. Hi David, Unfortunately, we cannot provide a follow up to every bug reporter here. You can probably log a ticket to Customer Support if that's desired. Still, I had a quick look at the backlog, and so far the bug cannot be reproduced.
  20. @bacizone, I already answered this thread, and added your request to the wish list. I understand your frustration, I have myself in this list many pending issues. However, since we don't provide ETA, I am not sure to understand what answer you expect here. Having a look at the Forum may help you understand why it takes time to answer every single request... and this is only the emerged part of the iceberg.
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