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  1. Feature parity with a scalable UI that works on multiple sizes would be just what I'm looking for.


    At the moment the UI does not scale well on my Dell Venue Pro 8 and the formatting bar at the bottom of the screen is obscured when the onscreen keyboard is activated.


    Is there a road map or rough eta for these feature releases?


    Hi William,


    We don't share our roadmap or ETAs, mainly because things keeps changing and that can be frustrating. 

    I will give the heads up here when we start developing something so people can beta test and give early feedback. 

    I can also tell you that a responsive UI and feature parity with the big guys (desktop / ios / android) is on the backlog. 



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  2. Hi Steve, 




    Do I have to download the new version seperately or will it update automatically?


    The new version should automatically update. 

    If you can add checkboxes in the note editor, you are likely running the latest version. 




    Sorry to say, I have been very disapointed in the Evernote Touch for Windows product.


    Don't be sorry, we also want to make it better. 


    When you say: 

    I wish it were more like the Android or the desktop Windows version



    Are you speaking of: 

    - the navigation (3 or 2 columns layout. The Android app on tablet is close to the desktop app) 

    - the feature coverage

    - something else

  3. Hi there, 


    Our latest version of Evernote for Blackberry, version 5.7 is now available on the Blackberry store. 

    This is mostly focused toward new users, but we also added some improvements. 

    Here below is our release note.


    We hope you'll like it! 

    Should you have any problem or feedback with this update, please share it here.


    Thank you !





    + Preview picture in landscape. 

    + High res sharing icon on the share screen.



    + New user flow so more can be discovered at first launch

    + Adds a tour to discover how to use the camera to capture scraps of paper


    Some screenshots here.




  4. Hi folks,


    Our team has been busy adding some of the missing features on Evernote Touch and improving the first launch experience. 

    This first beta (v3.1.0.732) adds the following improvements: 

    Better note editing

    - Create checkboxes 

    - Attach a photo to a note

    - Save and continue 

    - Discard changes 

    - Play saved audio inside Evernote

    Improved new user experience

    - Discovery tours (tap "Explore" on the hub to reset the tours) 

    - Empty screens 


    You'll find more details and screenshots here

    The team is still working on fixes and improvements. 

    Please share your feedback here so we can make it better. 






    Download the package here.

    Please follow the steps here (between 5 and 10 minutes). 

    Contact us if you have any problem (see FEEDBACK below).




    - swipefrom the right, tap setting, customer services, send logs

    - then send the logs to our team by email: windows_touch_beta (at) evernote.com

    - our engineering team may get in touch with you for more details


    Other feedback:

    - add your comment in this discussion. Our product team will regularly review your feedback and update our priorities.

    - please note that we won’t give ETA for any requests. We can however confirm that it’s taken into account and give the heads up when we start working on it. 




  5. Hi,


    I use Evernote on Android but had been using it on iOS before that for a long time.  I love the product.  I am writing to describe a frustrating issue with the image viewer that seems specific to the android version of Evernote.


    Specifically, if I look at a note in "note view" and pinch zoom into a photo, I get the full resolution of that JPEG or PNG.  However, the note view is cluttered and not the best place to view an image.  If I press the image, it opens the image viewer.  In this view, if I pinch zoom in, the resolution of all images (regardless of format) is much reduced.  I would guess about 2-4x less resolution and I see the linear interpolation artefacts very clearly.


    If you are able to show the full res in the main note view, why not in the view dedicated to images?


    A second, unrelated comment about the image viewer on Android.  When you open it, I think you should fade out the top bar with the back, share, etc and only display it with a tap like most of the image apps.  This would free up more real estate and be better for presenting an image.


    I hope these two comments make sense and that you would fix them at an appropriate time, especially the first one.


    Kind Regards,



    Thanks for the feedback James, 


    About the resolution issue. 

    This doesn't sound right indeed. I added this request on our list so we can have a look at what we can do. 

    We may have some memory constraints to deal with which may explain this behavior. 


    About the UX recommendations. 

    We should work soon on the image previewer and we'll consider your feedback.

  6. I had an app on my android phone that would obtain your GPS lat/long and then I could share it with Colornote. I would like Evernote to have a feature when you can click on an icon on a note to record your lat/long and other GPS info.


    I believe that we record the location of a note on Windows Phone. Please let me check. 

  7. What about an undo feature? I make one little typo and there's no way to recover.


    Also, I want to be able to cancel the save of the note if I change my mind on editing (or make a huge mistake). Currently, the only option is 'done,' which doesn't really cut it.


    Most apps have a 'cancel' button as a last ditch way to back out of changes.


    Thanks, this is added to our backlog. 

    We'd like to add a new editing component that is already used on other Evernote apps, and would allow undo / redo / discard changes 

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  8. about tags: I don't like that the "tags" screen of the app takes TOO long to open and I don't like the graphic also 


    about app's tile: can you please make the transparent tile with the elephant head green. 





    Hi Maurizio, 


    Could you tell us a bit more about your tag screen? (how many tags and nested tags, anything that would help our team reproduce the problem). 

    We'll think about transparent tiles. 



  9. First off, thanks for supporting a Windows Phone version of Evernote! I know it's easy to complain about what an app lacks, but I appreciate that Evernote is at least trying to take care of its WP customers. :)

    My issue is that when I pin a Shortcut that is based on a Saved Search, Evernote uses the search terms as the tile's 'title' rather than the actual title of the Saved Search. Since the grammar of most searches are pretty lengthy, and begin much the same way ('notebook:"Inbox" tag:' or the like) all tiles show basically the same text and are indistinguishable from one another. If the tiles simply sported the title of the Saved Search, all would be well.

    I've attached a photo of what the tiles look like.



    Thanks for the feedback, we'll have a look at that. 

    FYI, we're actually working on a rewritten version of the phone app that is not released yet since pending a Windows 10 release. 

    Therefore, it may take a little while before getting your fix done. 

  10. I just purchased a SP3 a week ago to replace my laptop and tablet.  i would like to see on my surface pro 3 have the same features as my tablet app such as camera and audio notes. i would also like the ability to switch input methods between an ink note and a text note


    Hi Jim,

    do you want those features on Evernote Touch app? the Camera and audio notes are actually supported, so I'm not sure to which tablet app you're referring too.

    If your feedback concerns features available on Evernote Touch but not on Evernote Desktop, you could maybe post this in the related forum. 


    Ink notes are on our backlog. We'll let people know here when we start working on it. 


  11. has there been recent updates? I tried installing version 3.0 beta as per the instructions and it said that the security cert was out of date. 


    Hi Matt, 


    The team is currently working on fixing bugs that we will directly deliver as new public release skipping the beta testing track. 

    We're actually in the process of releasing a new one that should improve our auto-save since some people reported losing notes. 


    We could deliver it as a beta as well, I'll see what we can do. 

    We're also working on adding new features and we should have a 3.1 beta shortly. 

    We're adding checkboxes, attaching picture from note editor, save and discard capability and more. 






  12. Hi folks, 


    We shipped a bug fix release today. 

    We basically tackled almost all our bug backlog, so please let us know if you see any problems!

    Amongst those: 

    Improves note editor on Passport 
    - apply text color 
    - text focus
    Improves translations 
    And also, 
    - a note size limit issue preventing editing notes 
    - a crash 
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