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  1. Hi All, the latest of OfficeSuite Pro Trial fixes the dialog issue. You shouldn't see any upgrade dialog if you are in trial period or premium user any more. Let me know if that works for you.
  2. As you said, this looks like a bug. We will see how to fix this.
  3. Thanks Chris, the ability to create new attachment with OfficeSuite is still on our backlog at the moment.
  4. Hi All, Could you possibly do the following steps and tell me if you experience the problem? Please tell me where it fails, or if you succeed, at which stage you were blocked. - make sure that you have the latest update of OfficeSuite Pro Trial, older version won't support the new hooks - when the update is installed, open a note in Evernote with some attached Office Documents (.doc, .xls, .ppt) - select the pencil icon (not the file name) on the note view (you don't need to open the edit mode) - if you are premium user, you should not see an expiration dialog in OfficeSuite since you premium status would unlock the trial. - the document should open in office suite, verify that the floppy disk icon is not grey out - edit the document, tap the save button, then tap back twice (collapse the keyboard and go back to Evernote) - verify that a dialog asking to append or replace displays in Evernote - select the preferred option, then open the document again to verify that your changes are fixed.
  5. Hi All, Thank you for reporting those issues. We will get back to you shortly to collect more details about those problems. Xavier.
  6. Thanks for the heads up, we will have a look at this.
  7. The list is long, that's for sure. We are working working on improving the PDF experience, so this could be considered.
  8. Right, option 2 is the correct option indeed. We'll change that, thanks.
  9. Thanks all for the feedback! We all appreciate that. We are fixing the issues on the widget and preparing an update for next week. About the PDF not being updated inline, that's a design decision mainly due to a current technical constraint. We want to improve this soon.
  10. Hi All, We released today our latest update for Evernote Android. We have some pretty neat new features including: - Edit and save back document in Evernote. We have a partnership with OfficeSuite so premium users can use it for free from Evernote. - New widget with a scrollable list and a quick reminder action - Reminder improvements with the ability to reorder by drag and drop Here is the blog post to get more details http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2013/07/17/evernote-for-android-edit-attached-documents-with-officesuite-mark-up-pdfs-with-skitch-and-much-more/ Please let us know here your feedback and any problem you may experience. Thanks, Xavier
  11. Hi All, There was a mistake with the publishing of an invalid update for a few minutes yesterday night. This upgraded your database if the update was pulled at this time. You can work around this problem if you relogin. Here are the steps: When the database error dialog appears tap "send log" tap the back button select the username on the home screen select sign out sign in again > the account should sync correctly, and the database error shouldn't occur
  12. That's on the backlog. Thanks for the feedback.
  13. Hi Gangun, We haven't changed the map feature in the last update. What you experienced is most likely a bug. We use an external service to define the place for a specific coordinate, and it happens that the returned result is wrong. If you login with the web client, you will probably see that the notes are still correctly localised.
  14. Thanks for the feedback. I believe you are speaking about the date/time picker.
  15. Hi All, We are very excited to announce that we have just released a major update of Evernote for Android. The main addition is Reminders: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2013/06/06/evernote-reminders-arrive-on-android/ If you experience any problem, or want to send us a feedback, please feel free to report it here. Go to settings/support/ to send your logs to android-preview@evernote.com if you experience a crash. That will send us the essential information we will need to investigate here. Thank you! Xavier
  16. The latest version of the app fixes this problem.
  17. We'll be looking at improving the copy / paste experience in view mode. Thanks for the feedback.
  18. We have already logged a bug for this problem. Do you know how often that happens for you?
  19. Hi, Changing your password won't break the connection with your different apps. Each app can still be individually "revoked" from the web site: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s76/sh/4e1c843f-de30-454f-b8e3-0028aeb4807d/81c702f315ea490c7338dc7345fe4ad3
  20. Thanks for the feedback. We are facing the challenge of supporting a large variety of camera on Android, that capture with different balance of contrast, hue, resolution... The team is continuously working on improving the performance so it gets more accurate. You may want to indicate what phone and version of Android you are using so we can include it in our tests.
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